J’adore My Little Door


August 2, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

So, remember my dilemma about what to do with the back of my bedroom door?


As in, should I paint the door black and the door’s trim cream to match the rest of the room’s newly painted trim,

or should I paint the door’s trim the same black color as the door?

Well, you chimed in and I listened.

I went with the most traditional approach:


I painted the door black and its trim cream (Valspar’s La Fonda Ecru).







It was just a black hole staring back at me calling out to be adorned.

So, I stole borrowed my son’s sidewalk chalk

and drew out a simple Moroccan doorway design.

(Don’t judge, it was free-handed during naptime.)


At first, my husband hated it, but you, fine readers

(supporters of my soul and all things creative),

pushed me to go for it.

So, go for it I did.

I started with this using a ruler (to carefully measure my borders) and a gold paint pen.


But, it needed more….

Sadly, I was out of practical ideas and wasn’t really trusting my instincts.

So, little door, sat for some more….

Then, my good bloggy friend, Jennifer, of Brave New Home suggested that I participate from the sidelines in her Inspired Design Challenge.

The first week’s inspiration was gleamed from Target. Specifically a Nate Berkus wood and gold box.  I gussied-up my husband’s guitar goodie box here.


The second week’s inspiration was Urban Outfitters.  Honestly, I’m too old for Urban Outfitters, but there was one thing, one style that kept jumping out at me. The notion of a block print, specifically found in some of the rugs.


The perfect paisley.


The eight-points Moroccan star.

I combined the two influences and was inspired to create a true-to-life ‘block’ print.


I started out tracing a toy block, thinking I would stack two blocks at a 45 degree angle to each other, but no go. After many attempts of trial and error, I simply traced the block, turned it 45 degrees, and then traced it again over the first block to create one, eight-pointed star. I traced two this way and glued them to the block.

So, you see, I was inspired in both form and function.

I combined two colors of metallic craft paint (celadon and copper) to create my desired aged brass hue.

(Although, this door was stamped in two installments, therefore two mixtures of paint, so sadly, the drapes don’t match the carpet perfectly.  The bottom is more green than gold.)

{I know, I know, that saying has a different meaning, but you’ll understand what I am trying to convey when you see the photos.}




But, the end results are so magical for me:





Huh? So that’s where my daughter threw her hair clip.

I realize this is not perfect, but I think I like the looseness of the design and the imperfections. It looks humble and handmade, like block prints truly are.

Still, I love it, with all of its imperfections. And, honestly, the color difference isn’t that noticeable in person.

I am considering adding something in the blank space to the left of the door handle.

Any thoughts on that one?

I just walk into my room, close the door, lay on the bed, and stare at my pretty little stars.

{Oh, and for the record, my husband likes it, too.}


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21 thoughts on “J’adore My Little Door

  1. James says:

    LOVE IT, and love that you had a “toy block” handy toy tracing – “Use what you have decorating”. at it’s finest.

    …and I think I am to old for Urban Outfitters, but I’m constantly inspired there.

    • Oh, James, I have toy blocks, and toys in general, in spades. I have three children and they have the toys to reflect that. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate you stopping by and your vote of confidence.

  2. Kim Hood says:

    It’s beautiful! Your design is unique, handsome, and rich. Great job!

  3. It looks great! I really like it. I can just picture you closing the door and staring. 🙂 I agree that the doorknob space seems a little bare, but perhaps in a good way. I’d live with it a little longer before doing anything. If you do anything… Perhaps just a box? Or a box within a box? I’m envisioning something similar to the way you outlined the pictures on Ascher’s wall, but thinner. Whatever goes in that space (if anything) should be delicate and not interfere with the “stars” of the show. xo

  4. Eeeeeeks, I LOVE it!! I would lay there and stare at it too! It just looks so good and I love the imperfections, which make it even more beautiful. It’s definitely in keeping with the vision you have for your room. You’re marching right along to obtaining your Moroccan love nest 😉

  5. Jo says:

    Wanted to hit the like button but that wouldn’t let you how much I lurve this door. It’s perfect in it’s imperfection. Sooo personal; sooo handcrafted. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  6. Isn’t it great when you can create something imperfectly? (Is that a word???)
    Oooh, I bet candlelight would bounce off the gold beautifully. I look forward to seeing the rest of your grand makeover! Wonderful job!

  7. Suzz says:

    Congrats on this endeavor, Christine!

  8. Wow . . . that is GORGEOUS! And worth every minute of time it took . . . you’ll smile every time you look at it! 🙂

  9. eclecticlamb says:

    Love it! A memorable transformation!

  10. I’ve been thinking about this project A LOT! I love it, it turned out soooo cool. And I am wondering if maybe, (just maybe) I could pull off a similar look on my living room wall (around the kitchen opening.. the one where I currently have a blank canvas taunting me).
    Maybe if I did a simple similar pattern, I could draw attention to the unique arches. It could possible add a little character, yet not take on a massive project of stenciling the full wall. Hmm..Oh..hmm.. you got me thinking (not sure if thats good or bad) 🙂 Thanks for letting me ramble. 🙂 Deanna @ From Wine to Whine

    • Deanna, I think that would look great. Clearly my door was on my mind when I commented about your door archway. Perhaps a second outline around the current door outline, but that is more curved/pointed at the top? A contrasting color? A metallic?

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  12. […] caulked, and painted (3x).  It was a labor of love, much like when I painted the trim in my master bedroom.  A labor that must now continue to the rest of the house… (sigh).  Trust me, painting the […]

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