I’ll Have To Sleep On It….


August 6, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

Well, if you follow the blog’s facebook page, you’ll know that I finally have a new bed.

Remember my little poll wherein I asked which bed would best fit my space?


Well, the planets aligned and the Craigslist Gods answered my prayers.

(More like, I batted my eyelashes, gave the reasons for my decision (while pushing out my bottom lip), and my husband said yes.  What?  I’m not above begging.)

Thanks to my husband, we were able to get the bed that most of you voted for.

Actually, you just voted for the one I loved all along.



This bed met all of my requirements:

  1. Dark wood
  2. Tall headboard with curves to fit under my odd window, but not be another straight line in the room
  3. the bed included a footboard
  4. and it was sort of in my budget (I was hoping for $100 or less, they were asking $200 – we met in the middle)

Here is how it all went down:


New bed, say hello to old bed. Old bed, say hello to new bed. Old bed, you’re out!

Ahh, the empty space…


(Now you can see what I have been hiding behind that bed.)









Scale…, check!

Color…, check!

No posts…, quadruple check!

I love it…


Uh, not so much.


Well, as we were putting the bed together, there were a few things we noticed immediately that made us not too pleased.  (Sorry, I don’t have photos of these annoyances, as there was quite a bit of tension between my husband and me.  I wanted the bed, he said the one we had was fine, but trusted me on my purchase.)

The first thing we noticed was that the bed frame and the wooden part of the bed are not attached to each other.  Meaning the metal bed frame that holds the box spring and mattress is not attached to the pretty, wooden part of the bed.  So it is like a bed island with a wooden moat.  I have never seen this sort of arrangement in a bed frame. Maybe I just don’t purchase enough beds?

Examples of what I thought the bed assembly would look like:


Our previous bed had all parts attached.


Random Craigslist bed that shows what I was expecting, frame wise.


And another view of same random example bed.

But no, my bed looks like this (again, this is not my actual bed, but an example):


The ‘island’ or frame that holds the mattress and box spring.


And then, ‘the moat’ which surrounds the real bed.

There is nothing to connect the two.

Very odd, indeed.

Oh, well, snafu #1.

Secondly, due to this odd arrangement, the bed sits too low for our liking.


Notice that the mattress’ height is much lower than the adjacent nightstands?

Perhaps five bed risers are the quick solution?

The last thing that is possibly the most annoying and most aggravating to my husband?


That’s right, the new, wooden frame sits a mere two inches from the floor.

This is a major disappointment to us both.

All of the things perched at the end of our new bed lived under our previous bed.

I hadn’t anticipated that.  I saw the bed unassembled and made the assumption (big mistake) that the bed was higher from the ground when assembled.

My husband was extremely mad at me, but he could see how upset I was about ‘the one’ not being as perfect as I had envisioned (okay, hoped).

To his credit, Chris, my husband, kept his anger in check (not that he has an anger problem) and gave me the biggest hug and swore to tease me for the rest of our lives about ‘that time I made him buy the bed he didn’t want and that we didn’t need‘.

Ugh, gotta love him.

But, he did agree that the bed looks nicer, fits the room better, and that the wood design (marquetry? inlaid?) is handsome.

I agree, I think the style of the bed is perfect.  I love the mix of feminine (curves) and masculine (dark wood stain (I chose my wording carefully there)).

The room without the posts feels so much larger and more inviting.

Before, the posts were like the bars on a cage.

All in all, the bed is a keeper, we just need to find another spot for my husband’s out-of-season clothing and his guitars and their accessories.  It will just take more tweaking that we hadn’t initially anticipated.  It only adds to the list of things to be accomplished.

So, what are your thoughts?  Have you ever owned or known of a bed that ‘fits’ together in this fashion?



13 thoughts on “I’ll Have To Sleep On It….

  1. Artzzle says:

    Way to work with the negatives! Good going girl and the bed/room looks very nice.

  2. rbbowers says:

    It really does look nice!

  3. I sorta see the bed catapulting the rest of the room’s design so I think overall it’s a step in the right direction! That’s the thing about CL, it’s not possible to over analyze measurements, costs, finishes, etc.—you gotta move fast! I’ve been in situations like that, too. I sent the hubs in to purchase something while I waited with a sleeping baby in the car only to regret our purchase after seeing the thing in person and/or taking it home. I bet there’s a way to attach the frame to the bed, maybe with some scrap wood? I agree, it’s kinda somehow unsettling that it doesn’t attach. And I would give some risers a try. It’s not too expensive to try and might give you back some under the bed storage space.

    • Yes, all points I’ve experienced and considered. Even if the bed is made higher with addition of risers, I still won’t have access to under the bed because it will be blocked by wooden frame that is only two inches from the ground. I could attempt to raise the wooden side supports (since technically they are just holding the headboard and footboard in place and not actually attached to the bed ‘island’. That would give us access from both sides, without ruining the overall look of the bed. Of course, that would take some additional resources, time, and planning. Again, I’ll need to sleep on it. 😉

      Thank you so much for your understanding and suggestions!

  4. My son did have a bed that was like that when we lived in our old house. The frame didn’t attach to the wood, which was not ideal for an active then 6-7 year old. Yours seems to surround the frame better than his did, so hopefully yours will stay in place during moments of ‘activity’, ahem, (which could be your kids jumping on the bed, as evidenced by your photographs). Style-wise, I LOVE it! It’s beautiful and definitely fits in better with the whole mood you’re after. Regarding the mattress itself being lower, is your bed frame adjustable? I’m only asking because as we were reassembling our bed after the whole wood floor project, I noticed that our bed frame had adjustable legs and we were able to raise our mattress a few inches. For seven whole years I thought our bed was too low and had no idea I could make it taller. Yes, seven whole years. Who knew? Well, J did, actually, but he never raised the legs because I never mentioned that I thought the bed was too low (complete lack of communication, ha ha).

  5. Piece of Pie and a Dash of DIY says:

    I love the wall color and the bed looks nice! My daughter has a full size bed that has the rails separated from the headboard. Notice the horizontal slits on the rails, up by where the headboard would be? There should have been some nuts and bolts that would attach the headboard to the rail. I’m sure you could find some to fit. Not having a place to attach the footboard, now that I can’t figure out. It must not be the original rails for that bed, which stinks. Hope this helps though! 🙂

  6. Jo says:

    I bought a second-hand sleigh bed with the exact same set-up except ours is a king. Originally it was supposed to have supports but they were sort of busted so we had someone put cleats along the inside to hold the mattress slats. Unfortunately the “carpenter” (and I use this word loosely) used wormwood which cracked almost immediately so we use 2 twin bed metal frames inside the sleigh bed’s wooden frame for over a decade. Maybe it’ll get changed soon. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  7. cassie says:

    love the darkness of the wood- adds warmth and contrast!

  8. You know what, Christine? That’s the beauty of Craigslist – you can experiment with different styles of furniture until the right fit comes along. If the sleigh bed isn’t working (agree the mattress height needs tweaking, and underbed storage is handy) wait till another dream bed comes along, and then sell the sleigh bed to some other lucky Craigslist buyer! Bet you won’t even be out of pocket, just the hassle of moving 🙂 Heck, you might even make a small profit, because your listing photos will be so nicely styled!

  9. It is so nice to get one new.

  10. […] mini facelift going on in the master bedroom. (No, well you can check out my baby steps here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and oh here.  Yeah, those should keep you […]

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