Rising To The Occasion


August 22, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

So, by now you are familiar with my long, drawn-out mini facelift going on in the master bedroom. (No, well you can check out my baby steps here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and oh here.  Yeah, those should keep you busy.)

First, the old bed (left) and the new bed (right):


The latest?

Well, after finding the bed of my dreams, we hit a snafu:  bed frame not connected to the bed FRAME. (Yes, I’m singing now.)  I’ve since gotten over that issue, as it hasn’t proven itself to be problematic.

Second issue, the mattress sat too low for my liking and for the overall proportion of the room:


Sure, the sleigh bed fits the room better than the four poster bed, but the mattress was lower than the height of the nightstands – HUGE pet peeve for me!

The remedy?

Five, little bed risers.


My mother had some bed risers stored in a closet and was kind enough to give them to me.  (As an aside a package of four costs $5.00 at Big Lots.)  Why five?  Well, the frame that the mattress and box spring rest upon has feet on the four corners, as well as a center support – so five were necessary.

I’d show you the process of my husband and I ‘installing’ the risers (really, no installation, just placing a riser under each foot), but the task of removing the mattress and box spring was quite a laborious chore.  My husband was eager to go to bed for the night (it was 10:00 p.m.), so no photographs of our silliness.

He was getting grumpy.

{I love you, honey! ;)}

And, tada….


Please excuse the poor photography and wrinkled sheet.

Because both the mattress and box spring were hoisted up six inches, the naked box spring was exposed beyond the bed’s wooden side rail.  Easy fix:

(Again, please disregard the wrinkles.  I need to steam those out.)

(Again, please disregard the wrinkles. I need to steam those out.)

I simply purchased a lovely Moroccan tile sheet set (also from Big Lots).  I only used the fitted sheet to adorn the box spring.  One could use the flat sheet and pillow cases (a mix of cotton and polyester), but we prefer flannel sheets and pillowcases year round.


Raising the bed six inches makes all of the difference to me.  The mattress is at least the same height as the nightstands.


Much better, don’t you think?

Of course, I still need to figure out my bedding.  It is functional, but not visually appealing.  I am keeping the aubergine duvet, flannel bedding, and copper quilt.

I recently purchased the euro sham covers ($12 for both), but I am thinking I need a color and pattern that stand out against the headboard, not disappear into it.

(I’m sure the husband won’t understand that change either.)

If you have any thoughts or suggestions as to dress and style the bed, I’d love to hear them.

Have a great day!


15 thoughts on “Rising To The Occasion

  1. Suzz says:

    What a great idea!

    I hate pillow shams – but to each their own 😉

  2. sedrate organizes says:

    I actually prefer the green setup, but both are nice.

    • Green set-up? As in the before, before, before pictures? I still have that comforter with green, as well. What do think is under the aubergine duvet? 😉 I like to be able to switch things up at a moments notice. I haven’t retired the green. Thanks for you vote!

  3. Wow, your bedroom is really coming along. Little changes=big impact! Where’d you find your Euro shams? I’m looking for those and down inserts but having a hard time finding them.

    • Yes, it is coming along, ever. so. slowly. Thank you for noticing. Shams are from JC Penney – clearance, of course. Although, I’m thinking of returning. Down inserts? Un-stuff an ugly pillow you find on clearance, is my best bet! My inserts are actually floor pillows that I found at ‘Ames’ (now defunct) for ten dollars each.

  4. It’s looking good in there. I agree that the mattress needed to be higher. Do the risers feel stable? I was contemplating those before I found out that I could adjust our frame although I think ours could still stand to be a little taller. Also, I agree with you about the Euro shams. They are very nice but do sort of disappear into the headboard. Maybe you can pull one of the other colors from the standard shams? From the picture, it appears that there is some blue and green. I think the right shade could play nicely with aubergine and copper.

    • Thanks! Let me just say that the bed, complete with the addition of risers, has been thoroughly ‘tested’ in all senses of the word ‘tested’. Hey, who am I kidding? I have three kids. There is proof, so who am I to deny it?

      Yes, I’m think the same as to the color of the shams, but perhaps with a bolder pattern?

  5. I’m curious about using those risers too—does the bed feel wobbly? My sofa is low to the ground, which is OK for me but looks a little out of place with the other furniture.

    Before you mentioned it, I could see the difference in that your bed is now flush with the nightstands—that makes a big difference! I like how your bedroom is turning out!

    For the pillowcases, I think a fine, small print/pattern would look good among all the large-scale items and pattern behind the bed.

    • I agree. I love my pillowcases for their autumnal hues and flannel fabric, but I’m not sold on their appearance. (My husband doesn’t know yet.) I hope to find other flannel pillow cases and other shams that play nicely with my new direction. I want saturated color and bolder patterns…., I think. 😉

  6. Kelly at View Along the Way says:

    Looks great so far! Only problem – those nightstands. You should probably give them to me. 🙂 (Seriously, I’ve been hunting for nightstands forEVER and those are amazing!)

    • Ha! Kelly, my heart sank when I read, “Only problem – those nightstands”. I love my nightstands. Then I read the rest of the comment and calmed down. Yes, those nightstands are gorgeous and I have no intention to paint them. I love the original, yellow-y/green hue. They are the best nightstands ever!

      As an aside, I purchased them as part of a set of three, 3-drawer dressers and two twin headboards – all faux bamboo by Thomasville. I sold the headboards and one dresser. I find these inexpensively a lot on Craigslist. If I find any in future, I’ll be sure to contact you. 😉

      Another point, I love your faux bamboo collection! (Secretly jealous, but love your blog and your home.) Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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