I’m Looking Over Four-‘Drawered’ Clovers: Emerald Green Campaign Dressers


March 17, 2014 by Decorum DIYer

That’s right!  I’ve got something up my ‘greensleeves‘…

The little beauties I have been working on are finally finished and

barely just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

So, please forgive me, as the post is peppered (green peppers, that is) with corny (or should that be ‘corned beef‘?) Irish sayings, green idioms/phrases, and other Gaelic goodies.

Allow me to show you what I found on Craigslist a few months back:



The messy, unattractive paint job.

The messy, unattractive paint job.

Yikes!  Bubbles!

Yikes! Bubbles!

That’s right, not one, but two campaign-styled night stands!

(Albeit, in major need of some tender loving care.)

They have been in my basement for quite some time and I decided I needed to polish these diamonds in the rough with a bit o’paint.  They were in horrible condition in that the laminated mdf was bubbled and swollen in places – not smooth at all!

Additionally, the previous owner spray-painted the night stands black and silver, spray painted all of the brass hardware silver, and attempted to faux paint the drawer fronts to look like burl wood.  In theory, they could have been stunning, but in practice they were duds.

Instead of duds to diamonds, they turned out to be EMERALDS!

Remember when I announced that I had plans to use the below color in my “Erin Go ‘Brave’” post?


The color is ‘precious emerald‘ by Behr and it is perfect for my little, soon-to-be gems.

I was campaigning‘ to use Pantone’s color of the year, emerald, and to practice my skills, since I am a bit green when it comes painting laminate and other non-wood surfaces.

So, like Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz”, I followed the yellow-brick road to the ‘Emerald City’.  I was in fact ‘going green’!

I got the green light from my husband (as I would need to enlist his help as to the children) and I was shamrockin’!

I promise, these will make you ‘green with envy’.

Beautiful little emeralds, they are. (Pardon the awful background, but I just finished.  No time for styling.  I promise better pictures, once they have fully cured.)

Beautiful little emeralds, they are. [Yoda – he’s green, too!]
(Pardon the awful background, but I just finished painting. No time for styling. I promise better pictures, once they have fully cured.)

Gorgeous, brass hardware.

Gorgeous, brass hardware.

Smooth-as-butter table tops.

Smooth-as-butter table tops.

‘It ain’t easy bein’ green‘, but it was so worth it.  A full tutorial as to prepping, painting, and paint removal from hardware (click here), is forth-coming in another post, but I wanted to share ‘mi lucky charms’ today on St. Patrick’s Day. (Whew, it’s 10 o’clock p.m..  I just made it!)

If they are not your thing, well, you can kiss my Blarney Stone!  😉

(Seriously, though, you must admit, the transformation is amazing.

From trash to treasure for sure! You can see better photographs of the after here.)

Again, the before:

Spray painted bases and hardware.  Horrible faux finishing.

Spray painted bases and hardware. Horrible faux finishing.

And now:

My precioussssss.

My precioussssss.


Yikes!  Bubbles!

Smooth-as-butter table tops.

Smooth-as-butter table tops.

The messy, unattractive paint job.

Gorgeous, brass hardware.

Gorgeous, brass hardware.

Next up, our Patty O’furniture.  

(Just kidding, but I thought it was a good giggle; credit goes to my husband for that gem.)

I hope that everyone is enjoying St. Patrick’s Day, whether you hale from an Irish heritage, or not.

Me?  Well, let’s just say I’ll be celebrating like ‘Lord and Lady Drumgoole‘ (for you Downton Abbey fans).  That doesn’t mean I’ll be burnin’ down the house castle.  In case you didn’t realize, ‘Drumgoole‘ is my married name and ‘Gill‘ is my maiden name, so there’s a wee bit o’ Irish celebrating here in our little glen amongst our respective clans.

So, how did you spend your St. Patrick’s Day?

Thoughts on this transformation?

Do you have a green/St. Patrick’s Day/Irish pun you’d like to share?

Please comment with your thoughts! 


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33 thoughts on “I’m Looking Over Four-‘Drawered’ Clovers: Emerald Green Campaign Dressers

  1. twistnpout says:

    Good post, love all the green references…
    And yes the transformation is amazing.

  2. theSlum11111 says:

    These are GORGEOUS! I am Green with Envy! Great job! Can’t wait for the tutorial!

  3. Oh my goodness. Epic post on so many levels, my friend. First of all, all of those puns and idioms were out of control amazing. You are too witty for words.

    Second, I am not a huge fan of bright greens (mostly because green looks awful on me…it’s because I’m olive skin toned), but I don’t need to wear furniture and I am in LOVE with how these turned out. The brass hardware in contrast with the bright green just make them such eye catchers. I love that you had the imagination to see past the shoddy paint job. Makes me want to sing, “Everything’s comin’ up clovers!”

    Way to hit this project outta the park, Christine!

    • Thanks, Lauren. You are sincerely one of my biggest cheerleaders. I am glad you enjoyed my cheese-y puns. Sing away, my dear, sing away!
      Being an alabaster lass (I know, you love that I refer to myself as such), emerald and hunter greens look great on me. That said, I love these! I am thrilled with how well they turned out. Sadly, I have no room in my home for them. I really painted these to practice for Roman’s campaign dresser, which I plan to paint a deep, navy blue.

      • “Alabaster lass” gets me every time. LLOL (literally laughing out loud).

        I wondered what your plans were for these gems…. Sad you can’t keep them. Are you thinking of selling them on Cragislist? People would pay a pretty penny for those!

  4. Omg, Christine! These are gorgeous! I love your color choice. I am Behr loyal so I love when I find a color that I know will work. I can’t wait to see these in your home : ]

    • Thank you, Jennifer. I know you and I share a love of campaign furniture. I am happy you approve of the color (and Behr). Although I would love to have these in my home, sadly I don’t have room and they were a good practice for me.

  5. EEEEEEE!!!!! They turned-out perfectly! I LOVE the color (but then I knew I would – I’m an alabaster lass, too, ha ha, and definitely Irish).

  6. I am obsessed with emerald this year! Love how this turned out what a great addition of character to any room!

  7. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I kind of took last week off from the blogging world so I had to come back to an old post to see this! I couldn’t wait to see what you did with that green and I am OBSESSED! The brass hardware was a gorgeous choice on that green!! Did you add those brass corners as well or just paint old ones (I couldn’t tell from the old pics). The details are just incredible. Can’t wait to see them all happy in their new home! Fantastic Christine!

    • Thank you, Christina! Actually, both pieces, INCLUDING THE HARDWARE (gasp) were poorly spray-painted with a dull silver. There was no attempt for neatness at all. I’ll be sharing a tutorial, but basically, I had to strip the spray-paint from the hardware, and then polish the hardware. So, those golden pieces (all pieces original to the night stands) are what was under all the grime and spray-paint. Also, I used all natural methods to achieve that look (low voc paint for the night stands, aside).

  8. […] are just dying to know?  Well, click here to find […]

  9. love love love! I so want to find a campaign piece or 2 for our master!

    • Thanks so much! For which type are you looking? I know you live in Maryland also, so I can keep my eye out for you. I am a constant Craigslist watcher. Follow my facebook page, as I always share great finds for the taking there.

  10. Megan says:

    They turned out great! 🙂

  11. sweetlisak says:

    Wonderful transformation, you definitely upgraded those dressers! Thank you so much for linking up at Sweet Treats & Swanky Stuff!

  12. I love these! Such a great color. Look forward to seeing them in action with the rest of the room!

  13. Awesome Job! I love how festive these look!

  14. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Gorgeous color and a beautiful transformation!

  15. […] I originally posted the finished night stands on St. Patrick’s Day for a bit of fun. You can see that post here. […]

  16. Jo says:

    These are so fun. Great green gobs of gorgeousness. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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