I’m Kind Of Digging IKEA


August 9, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending the my local IKEA’s 2014 Catalog event.

Under the guise of a blogger, no less!

(I can assure you, I felt like a total impostor, but met some amazing people and saw some wonderful eye candy.  We’ll get to those things later in the post.)


Now, firstly, I have a confession to make.

While I only live a mere TEN minutes from my IKEA (and have lived in the area all of my life), I have only been to IKEA twice. (shame face)

Now, I did make a purchase each time:  one time a set of dishes for my first home, the other time a wardrobe for my childhood bedroom.

So, I guess when I go to IKEA, I get down to business!

Okay, confession over.  I feel better now.


This year’s IKEA’s catalog hones in on the things that make life easier in a home with children.  And really, if it makes it easier for children, it makes it easier for all of us, right?

There was even a little preview of IKEA’s commercial unveiling their special application that allows one to ‘see’ a piece of IKEA furniture in his/her very own home:

I was amazed as to how receptive and caring the management and staff were to their guests at the catalog event. In addition to serving a tasty meal, the manager and department heads gave presentations about IKEA’s plans for 2014 and some history as to our local IKEA, which will be 25 years old very soon!  (That last tidbit made me feel very old, as I remember being in middle school when the IKEA was constructed.)

In addition, each attendee received a 2014 catalog and a tour of the store’s recent floor plan and marketing changes.


Here we are touring the store:




(photo credit to Erin of TheDrumgooleFamilyBlog)

Did you spot me?

Yes, I’m the awkwardly posed, non-photogenic person in the foreground.  Grrrrr….

But, enough of that.

Here is some eye candy.

I am actually in love with some of these items.

My sister-in-law, Erin (http://thedrumgoolefamily.wordpress.com/) and I found ourselves ogling some of the very same pieces.


I adore these mint colored, three-tier carts. Too cute for almost anywhere in the home. Store your veggies/fruit in the kitchen, load it up with toys in the kids’ rooms, or even place it in the laundry for easy-to-reach stain fighting action!
Of course, it could work equally wall as a bar cart or nightstand.


Endless storage options that are easy on the eye in any living space.
(photo credit to Erin of TheDrumgooleFamilyBlog)


Attractive dining for all ages. (Note the cute little stool perched near the end of the table.)
(photo credit to Erin of TheDrumgooleFamilyBlog)


I love everything about this rug. The pattern, the natural-looking stained hues, the tribal vibe, and the price wasn’t too shabby either. Although, it was a bit rough for kids at play on the floor. I bet it would be great in a high traffic area or a certain person’s master bedroom (eh hem). 😉


I am quite smitten with the furniture pieces in the quite simply named ‘gray brown’ finish. I love the look because it has a warm wood grain, with a hint of a weathered gray paint/stain (although we all know it is particle board, laminate, etc…). A really rich and beautiful finish in person. {Again, ignore my awkwardness.}
(photo credit to Erin of TheDrumgooleFamilyBlog)


Everywhere I looked, there was a hint of my favorite hue: aubergine. (sigh)


Storage and organization overload – in a good way!


Me thinks this looks like a chair I could score on Craigslist. But why do that, when you can get a perfectly new one, sans the odd smells and cat pee? (hehe)


Oh, and the dollhouse furniture was just too cute. I’m sure my little one, Clairisse, would love a few of these pieces. I was thrilled to see this in the store.


The butterfly cut-out art was also equally adorable. It was affordable at $12.99, but I am pretty sure I would want to diy this and customize the color combinations. A fun craft for little ones, no?

Oooh, and speaking of diy, apparently IKEA once housed fabric in-store for purchase and then discontinued that practice.

(See, I really am an IKEA virgin (kind of).)

Well, guess what?

It’s baaaaaack!

That’s right, if you want some funky, IKEA fabric, you can now skip to the store and purchase as much or as little as you want!


It was a great night to get out of the house. Erin and I somehow were blessed with my husband watching ALL SIX KIDS (ages 7, 6, 5, 3, newly 2 {did I mention the event took place on Ascher’s 2nd birthday?}, and soon-to-be 2) whilst we skipped through IKEA dreaming of better spaces for our home.

Did I also mention that Erin and I left after fueling the kids full of pizza and ice cream cake?

How did my husband manage alone with six kids you ask?

Well, he employed the nanny skills of Just Dance 4 and Just Dance Kids via You Tube and our Wii (practically free entertainment for all parties concerned).

IMG_2858 IMG_2862 IMG_2865 IMG_2866 IMG_2868

Lastly, but certainly not the least thing, I met three professionals that really piqued my interests. All three ladies were friendly and engaging.  And their talents far exceed my own, but it was great to meet such successful people in the blogging and organizing world.

I encourage you to ‘introduce’ yourselves to their

businesses and associated blogs/facebook pages below:

Amy Renea K: A Nest For All Seasons (blog | facebook)

{Design writer and contributor to Houzz.com}


Kathleen “KD” Durham, CPO: Space Lifts

{Certified Professional Organizer}


Jill Prevatt: arrange (website | facebook)

{Member, National Association of Professional Organizers}


And a special thank you to J.B. Bartkowiak of Building Moxie for inviting me and my sister-in-law to the IKEA 2014 event!

And of course, a special mention for my partner-in-crime, Erin.

Please take the time to visit her lovely blog: The Drumgoole Family

Lastly, thank you to the staff at IKEA, White Marsh, for providing a wonderful evening for all to enjoy.  It was refreshing to see the store from so many prospectives (a mother, a blogger, and even through the lens of the IKEA employees and IKEA the brand as well).  The transparency and openness that was afforded to all whom attended was really something special.  IKEA truly does make anyone whom enters its doors feel ‘at home’ and just like ‘family’.

So, get out there.  Visit your local IKEA!  There is so much inspiration and imagination there to keep you busy reorganizing and rethinking your home for quite a while.

And, if you have kids, see if the husband will be nanny for the night.

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “I’m Kind Of Digging IKEA

  1. James says:

    I’m honestly embarased at how much we actually shop at Ikea. At the least, one trip a month. So we try to personalize things we buy there. Jamie painted metal patio chairs chocolate brown, I made fake stain glass in the outdoor lanterns…Most people mistake our kitchen table as genuine Eero Saarinen Piece…nope, Ikea again.

    • No embarrassment needed. I’ll admit, I get a little annoyed at the ‘iconic’ IKEA pieces that show up everywhere without much though. You know this light fixture, don’t you? (Maskros – http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90147465/).
      I think what I liked about browsing IKEA is that it is open to possibilities and individuality, but if you have no time, nor vision, IKEA ‘out of the box’ can work just as well. The customization, modularization (is that a word?), and practicality are what I find useful as a homemaker with three children underfoot. The furniture styling does have a classic, almost vintage 60’s era vibe. That is good in my book!

      • James says:

        OOOH yeah, I know that fixture. First time I saw it I was facinated. I do fashion windows..and that thing fit the bill perfectly, Now it’s everywhere….the Young House Lovers had it in their bedroom with 8 foot ceilings…Yikes!!! “Duck on your way through the room”????

      • Nothing wrong with it or any other iconic item, just sometimes the ‘everywhere’ item can feel not personal to the owner. I’m glad you know what I meant by my statement. 😀

        And wait…, you do fashion windows? I am so jealous! When I was a child, I wanted to move to NYC and be a hybrid of “Baby Boom” and “Mannequin” just to arrange/decorate department store windows. Yet another dream job I never had.

  2. xo Dee says:

    FINNEEEE.. I’ll go to Ikea this week 🙂 But seriously, I am glad you posted this I’ve been meaning to get there and this was just the motivation I needed! Dee @ From Wine to Whine

  3. […] how she got out of the house for the evening, plus, yes, even some eye candy – check her post I’m Kind Of Digging IKEA on her blog Decorum DIYer.  For even more coverage, see her sister Erin’s blog too […]

  4. Ooh, it looks like you got to tour the store without all the usual customers too. That would be soooo nice! I call IKEA my Disneyland and/or Swedish holy land. I should probably look into buying stock from them…

    So, did you buy anything? Plans to buy anything in the future?

  5. Got the IKEA catalogue this week, and had the same reaction to all their retro styled upholstery pieces – it’s Craigslist scavenger inspired!

    How cool that you got the blogger tour, and agree IKEA really shines in the organization/accessories department, as long as you don’t buy that one trendy piece everyone falls for (Maskros, I’m looking at you too!). And as a Craigslist/Kijiji scourer, that IKEA tulip table James has kills me – every day there seems to be someone trying to pass it off as vintage Knoll…

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