To The Ceiling And Beyond….


July 23, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

The last time I showed you my master bedroom, the grommet-topped drapes were looking like this:


After taking all of the drapes down, flipping them upside-down, and re-hanging six of the eight panels behind the bed wall-to-wall, I was left with this:

(Not perfectly hung, furniture is everywhere, but you get the idea.)

You and I both agreed that if I was going for the wall-to-wall look, then the drapes should hang from the ceiling line.  The problem?

Well, the problem was two-fold:

1. The drapes are only 84″ long, so even at the initial height, they hung quite high from the ground:


2.  The husband wasn’t convinced that the curtains needed any reworking in terms of height, let alone from how they were hung five years ago.  Additionally, hanging the curtains wall-to-wall and from the height of the ceiling line meant that there would be a lot of wall holes to patch and hardware to re-attach.




(This time, anyway.)


My wonderful husband finally said those magical words,

“Whatever you want, dear.”

Is there anything sweeter in the world?

(I’m easy to please, don’t you think?  He has no idea how easy-going I am compared to those ‘high-maintainance’ trophy wives. Not that I am any sort of a trophy wife either. 😉  )

So, now I type this with a bedroom window that is quickly approaching my kind of perfection:


(Ignore the wee one’s hand at the bottom of the frame. The phantom hand strikes again!)


As an aside, the window panels are not as ‘tan/beige’ as they appear in this photo. They are more of a golden color, as in the photo above. Yes, I’d like something more colorful, but this is what I am working with.)

Of course, I still have “miles to go before I sleep”.

(A little Robert Frost, anyone?)

Although, the ‘too short’ problem wasn’t solved, but it isn’t noticeable, since the wall-to-wall drapes are hidden behind the wall-to-wall nightstand/bed arrangement.

{I told you I have a small master bedroom.}

Items needed to complete the windows for privacy, insulation (original 1960’s windows, grrrrr), and decor:

  1. Paint and install the second roller shade (blech) to match the roller shade on the non-bed window. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Finish applying window film on the window behind the bed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Hang mirrors in front of the drapes; above each nightstand.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    Bummer alert:  the seller NEVER texted back and the listing is G-O-N-E, but I have a dear friend that is donating some free mirrors to me.  So, they shall do for the time being.)

    Bummer alert: the seller NEVER texted back and the listing is
    G-O-N-E, but I have a dear friend that is donating some free mirrors to me. So, they shall do for the time being.)

  4. Try to find inexpensive bamboo, roman shades, bite the bullet and purchase them new, or proceed with my faux shade diy.  No matter, I need roman shades (preferably functional) above each window.
  5. Perhaps add some decorative trim to the interior edges of the wall-to-wall arrangement.

As for the bed…, I’m still debating and discussing with Chris, my husband.  It is not in the budget to purchase a new bed.  I considered removing the posts (as I really love everything about the bed), but the posts are not removable; they would need to be sawed off.  That is not something that pleases the ‘Mr.’.

So, I’ve listed the bed for sale on Craigslist in the hopes that I can find a replacement with the proceeds.  I have a few requirements:

  • must be a dark-stained, wooden bed (after removing all of the wood tones in the room, I think a wooden bed is necessary for many reasons)
  • must have both a headboard (quite tall to fit just under the window and so it is tight against the wall) and a footboard (footboards help keep the bedding in place and serve as a visual and mental barrier)
  • must have a curvy shape – not a rectangle (too many rectangles in the room already)
  • NO POSTS!  (I think that was implied, but I just wanted to make this point clear.)
  • must be a queen-sized bed.  Anything bigger would not comfortably fit into the room.  Besides, I’m a snuggle bunny.

What are your thoughts?

Am I headed in the right direction?

So many more diy and hopefully free and/or low-cost projects to complete, but I am getting there steadily.

Let me know your ideas and if you have had the same woes as me.

Until next time…, happy decorating!


5 thoughts on “To The Ceiling And Beyond….

  1. Yes!! Hanging them at the ceiling was absolutely the right thing to do 😉 I can’t wait to see what it looks like with the mirrors. I’m sorry you had a bad CL experience, though. We’ve had plenty of those ourselves. I happened to notice today that the listing is still up for the couch I bought my son last week. I don’t know if anyone is contacting the seller about it but it seems like it would be easier (and kinder) to remove the post rather than fielding inquiries or ignoring folks. Oh well, you’re getting some for free which is even nicer!!

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