Going For The Gold – No, Really….


July 11, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

Happy, Thursday, all!

I’ve been so busy!  Trying to paint anything in my home, especially a bedroom that is used daily, is an almost impossible task.

Three kids, a husband that is hardly home (and when he is he wants to sleep in his bed, of course) means that I must steal every little moment I have to get ‘just one more thing’ done in my master bedroom.

So, here is my sad, little progress….

1.  I’m going for the gold on the door.  I reworked my design and am forging ahead.  Green light from the Mr. and all!  I am still not done, but here is my progress thus far….


2. I’ve always wanted wall-to-wall drapes behind my bed, but really can’t convince my wallet and my husband that we need new window treatments.  So, I stole two drapes from the non-bed window, flipped my grommet-topped drapes (would you believe the hem was an open pocket already? -score one for this non-sewer), extended the rods, and voila!   (If I had my way, they would be a shiny, luscious, aubergine, but you probably already guessed that.)

(Not perfectly hung, furniture is everywhere, but you get the idea.)

(Not perfectly hung, wrinkles need to be steamed out, furniture is everywhere, etc…, but you get the idea.)

The problem?:

Should I leave the curtains hung at this height or take them all the way to ceiling?

(Keep in mind, this would mean bugging the mister for drilling more holes, patching the previous holes, adding two additional brackets near the walls/edges, etc….)

The problem with the problem?:

At the current height, I am left with this-


The drapes are hidden by the bed and both nightstands.  Also, I sort of like that the grommets act as weights to keep the curtains in place.  Second bonus, no dust bunnies and cat hair gathering at the bottom edge!

3. To further address the window treatment situation, I decided to discontinue my neighbor’s free pass into my master bedroom.  I love opening the drapes during the day for natural sunlight and really love opening my windows at night even more. So, I used some leftover window film and started this project….


4. As much as I would love to have dark, bamboo, roman shades (outside mounted), they are not in the budget.  As my husband says, (and I agree), “It is a want, NOT a need”.

So, back to frugal freebies it is.

Here are my temporary plans for my version of roman shades:

From this....

From this….


… to this… (non-bed window)


… and this…. (above the bed, under the wall-to-wall, if necessary).
[And I do think I will keep the grommets on display, who knows?]

No sewing, just a regular stapler and a staple gun for mounting. I may add some ribbon on the non-bed window faux, roman shade in a greek key pattern.  Orange, aubergine, or black, maybe?

5. But, the above does not address our energy inefficient windows, nor does the above provide room-darkening capabilities for the non-bed window.

Using what I have, I went in this direction:

I reinstalled the former roller shades - which I loathe for so many reasons.

I reinstalled the former roller shades on both windows – which I loathe for so many reasons.

But, they now look a little prettier:


6.  Again, the no-budget, use-what-you-have mentality, is spawning this for the closet/bathroom doors:

I swear the color is not 'brown paper bag'.  The inset is same as the wall color, a golden yellow, Valspar's 'Woodlawn Lewis Gold'.  This is still in progress.  It needs some touch-up paint and the inset border outlined in another color.

I swear the color is not ‘brown paper bag’. The inset is same as the wall color, a golden yellow, Valspar’s ‘Woodlawn Lewis Gold’. This is still in progress. It needs some touch-up paint and the inset border outlined in another color.

7.  The best progress of all?


I am not sure if this 'helped' or 'hurt'.  :D I celebrated 4th of July eve with my own little red, white, and blue.

I am not sure if this ‘helped’ or ‘hurt’. 😀
I celebrated 4th of July eve with my own little red, white, and blue.


blackdoorcreamtrim nomorewood

I’m still contemplating the ceiling.  I am really still craving the deep aubergine, but I may need to go in the direction of an over-sized, painted medallion, rather than a large, ceiling square of aubergine.

I am also still racking my brain for a solution for the ceiling fan light.  I want to paint the blades, but I’m not sure what to do with the ever present ‘boob’ light. (Hehe, I said boob.) Again, I know what I want, but what I want isn’t free, nor insanely cheap. (grrrrr)

Lastly, I’m hounding the owner of these mirrors via Craigslist for above each nightstand.



  Aren’t they perfect? Can you tell that I am trying to introduce more rounded shapes into the boudoir (wait, that isn’t quite what I meant to say).

It is a text/call only only – no e-mail.  I have called and left several messages to no avail.  I finally broke down and sent a text.


I have an archaic, non-smart phone (circa 2009) and texting takes forever.  I did get a response, but it is not helpful and contained pound signs (I refuse to refer to them as ‘hatch’ or ‘hash’ tags [the pronunciation is highly dependent upon with whom you speak text].)

I guess this guy isn’t in any hurry to sell. He does have other items for sale, from what I gather.

So, that’s me.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Free ideas, of course, are the most likely to be employed.

P.S.  I made no attempt to proof-read this.  Part laziness, part no time at all.  So, this was pretty much a brain spill…., enjoy or be secretly annoyed, my dear grammar-loving friends.

Have a great day!


13 thoughts on “Going For The Gold – No, Really….

  1. Christa says:

    I love the progress you are making. The white trim looks great and the drapes behind the bed are terrific. I’d leave the grommets as is and not worry about it since you can’t see them. The grommets on the other window could have some thick ribbon threaded through or left plain. They look fine just as they are. Can’t wait to see it when it’s all done. It’s all coming together so well. I do hope you get those mirrors – love them too.

    • I thought about threading something through the grommets, but decided it would be too lop-sided, there only being one side of grommets. Also, with the addition of the grommets (on the non-bed window), it makes the faux shade too wide for the window.

  2. Suzz says:

    WOW! I am a little tired after reading this post – yet alone completing the tasks, haha! I trust that you’re enjoying the process. I have no doubt that the outcome(s) will be outstanding!

    Here my two thoughts – outside of needing a rest after reading the post (kidding) – I like the current height of the curtains. Perhaps you could “employ” someone to communicate with the mirror owner via text. Just a thought.

    • I wouldn’t mind the current height of the curtains, if I had crown molding. That said, I think the curtains are going for a hike to the ceiling line. As to the mirrors, I love them so much. I am a bit obsessed. I’m thinking of asking my text-happy husband to do my dirty work for me. (He just doesn’t know about them or his little job, yet.)

  3. Lots of progress being made! I’m crossing my fingers that you get those mirrors—they’re just too perfect.

    I’m a bit confused about the curtains. I saw they were hung and then made into Roman shades? My vote is to take them all the way to the ceiling since the bottoms will be covered by furniture anyways.

    And I think painting the whole ceiling aubergine will really create a more dark and moody bedroom that you’re going for. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Yes, I think the decision has been made – “to the ceiling and beyond!”

      The curtains: I have eight (8) panels, four (4) on each window. To create the wall-to-wall curtain look, I ‘stole’ two (2) panels from the non-bed window for the window above the bed. That left me with two (2) panels, one for each faux roman shade. Make sense now?

      Jennifer, you are my biggest cheerleader for all things bold and daring. I adore you for that. Alas, I fear that without crown molding, or some other delineation, the transition from wall color to the darker ceiling color may not have the look/feel I want. I need to sleep on it, uh, under it, more. 😉

  4. I second the vote to take the curtains all the way to the ceiling! It’s looking so good in there and those mirrors are perfect. I hope you get them. The painted trim makes a huge difference, too.

    • Thanks for the vote. And yes, the painted trim makes a HUGE difference. It has taken me weeks to paint all of the trim, due to time constraints and other household/motherly obligations. My husband has been grumbling this whole time about the trim being fine as-is and that I am just wasting time, etc…. [I realize I am making him sound horrible – he isn’t, just practical.] After I finished painting the trim, he casually came into the room and said “The closet looks really nice”. I’ll take that as a “great job honey, you have really made this room look fantastic!”

      I’ve wanted to paint every inch of our awful, wood trim since before we moved in, just not in the litany of things to do. Painting trim (or anything) in our household is a luxury as to time and cost. (sigh) But, I’m doing it, inch by painfully time-suck inch.

  5. Wow, what a whirlwind of a post! So much progress! I really am no curtain expert, but I am a follower of the blog, View Along the Way…you may know it…and Kelly over there preaches the “curtains to the ceiling” gospel on a regular basis…supposedly it can add so much height to the room. I really love all of the Moroccan shapes you’re adding into the space. Hooray for the okay-to-go on the door!

    Lastly, the window film project is AWESOME. Are you cutting out those shapes by hand? If so, bless you! And we need to get you a Silhouette…stat. If only I could figure out how to rig the giveaways…ha ha. But it’s going to look amazing in the end. Can’t wait to see future updates as this room unfolds.

    • Oh, I know about Kelly from View Along The Way. How could I not, she has almost everything I obsess over. 😉 Thanks for the suggestion.

      And yes, I hand-traced and hand cut every.single.one. A Silhouette would have been helpful in that task, but I managed. You wouldn’t believe how many episodes of “Fringe” just those few took me.

      • You deserve an award for that. Or a free Silhouette. In fact, I may need to argue for one on your behalf to the peeps at Silhouette America.

        Ha ha, and I’m glad to know you’re a View Along the Way fan, too. She and I joke about being besties, though we’ve yet to meet. Sort of the same way I feel about you, m’dear!

  6. Love those mirrors! Great changes you’re making. Painting trim is a total pain, but so worth it!

  7. […] on in the master bedroom. (No, well you can check out my baby steps here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and oh here.  Yeah, those should keep you […]

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