There Once Was A Room’s Theme – Nantucket


May 14, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

There once was a room’s theme – Nantucket

Using neutral paints from a bucket

A coastal scene that’s quaint

A dear mother did paint

‘Tis now for her son – still Nantucket

By now you are familiar with my dorky sense of humor, so my little limerick (Thanks “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”‘s Peter Sagal for the inspiration) should be no surprise to you.

Since moving into our ranch style home in 2007, one of our four bedrooms has served as a storage area, office, a girl’s nursery, and now a boy’s nursery.  Would you believe that I, the paint everything guru, has only painted the room once?

That’s right.  Despite my eagerness to paint almost anything, I refused to paint the office (one of our four bedrooms) after painting it in two neutral-toned stripes.  It was only a mere two months after painting that I discovered I was pregnant with my second child, our little Clairisse.

As a recap, here is Clairisse’s nursery post as well as a photo to remind you of what Clairisse’s room looked like just two years ago.

The third bedroom transformed from a home office to a little girl's nursery.

The third bedroom transformed from a home office to a little girl’s nursery.  Every time I look at this image, I think how great it would have been to paint the ceiling coral.  (sigh)

Of course, upon the arrival of Ascher, Clairisse was moved to her ‘big girl’ room, or toddler room, as Ascher would take over the nursery.  Both room versions have a loose, nautical/coastal theme, so many of the items were shared for the transition.

It only took a few little tweaks to reinvent the same girl’s nursery, former office, to create a nursery suitable for our little boy.

  1. First and foremost, I removed all traces of the coral accent color and replaced it with red.  This was primarily done with the addition of painted wall accents.  You can see those tutorial posts here and here.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. I switched out the ivory and black toile bedding for something more geometric in brown, cream, and red.
    The crib corner.

    Clairisse’s bedding.


    Ascher’s bedding before we reinstalled the side rail and raised the bed for an infant.

    3. I also opted to replace the vertical, striped, and neutral curtains for curtains that included the accent color (red) and that are horizontally striped. In addition, I covered the footrest/ottoman in a red check fabric.

    The view of the room from the entrance along the wall adjacent to the door.

    Clairisse’s corner with the neutral drapes.


    Ascher’s corner with the red, horizontal striped drapes and new ottoman fabric.


    Another view of the red drapes and other red accessories (boxes on the shelving and artwork).


    And, of course, little red chairs and a table for ‘reading’ and play.

    4. The changing table area got a new look, too.  By now, you are aware of the artwork change.  I also spray-painted the weathered baskets black and switched out the green gingham liners for ivory canvas ones. (I already owned both, so it was just a swith-er-roo.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    (Sorry for the blurry image, but this was mid painting/adhering the initials.)

    (Sorry for the blurry image, but this was mid painting/adhering the initials.)

Here is a brief tour of the room as it is today:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOf course, you’d be able to see the changes better, if I knew how to take better photographs, but you get the idea.  😀

Here’s the budget breakdown of the changes:

  • Paint and contact paper for wall ‘decals’ and accents:  FREE (already owned all supplies)
  • Bedding – crib skirt ($10), plaid sheet ($7), and cream crib bumper (FREE, already owned): $17
  • Drapes – Craigslist find ($20) for four panels (uncanny how well they match)
  • Changing table baskets – (FREE, already owned all supplies)
  • Bookcases – FREE, already owned (my husband made them in college [future painting project, perhaps?])
  • New red and tan bins for bookcases – $1 each from Dollar Tree ($4)
  • Fabric for ottoman – (FREE, already owned a euro sham and retro-fitted it for the ottoman)
  • Little red chairs – Craigslist find ($5 for the pair)
  • Table – (FREE, already owned [another future painting project])


Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it does the job and Ascher seems to enjoy it.

So, before, Clairisse’s Nursery:

The third bedroom transformed from a home office to a little girl's nursery.

The third bedroom transformed from a home office to a little girl’s nursery.

And, now, Ascher’s nursery:


I hope you have enjoyed my little nursery tweaking.

Until next time…, happy decorating!

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20 thoughts on “There Once Was A Room’s Theme – Nantucket

  1. I love those stripes! I’m glad you were able to incorporate them throughout all the changes!

  2. Christa says:

    What a bargain budget makeover that looks terrific and not cheap at all. You did a great job working with what you had. Oh, and I have those same $1 red and tan bins from the Dollar Tree. I love the red accents in his room. Your decorating abilities are just amazing. Way to go, girl!

    • Thank you, Christa. I am always lacking time and budget, so I do what I can. As you know, necessity is the mother of invention, but a little creativity never hurts either. I can’t help but wonder what I would do with a real ‘decorating budget’. If someone gave me $500, I think I wouldn’t know where to start, since I am constantly penny-pinching.

  3. twistnpout says:

    Fabulous… especially the budget!

    • Yes, the budget and the amount of things I already own do help. To be clear, this room was photographed (poorly) with no attempt to ‘style’ or not show how we truly live. This is a child’s room and it is full of clutter. I try not to hide our true living environment. Sure, it may look and photograph better without all of the ‘real’ stuff, but it isn’t how we live.

      • twistnpout says:

        I totally get it no need to explain. I get all kinds of compliments on my decor and my style, but unfortunately I take terrible photos… Not that you do, but I get what you are saying. Your room is fine, I think it was understood it was just a simple make over.

  4. Donna Frasca says:

    You’re hysterical! Looks good!

    • Why, thank you. I’m flattered when I am told I have a bit of a funny bone. 😀 It looks okay, but better than it was when we moved in. Also, I think Ascher prefers the more masculine look to the girly coral.

  5. Christine, only you could create such a dramatic nursery transformation for a whopping $46. And I agree with Jennifer, I’m glad you were able to keep the stripes. They’re my fave. Well, that and your feux vinyl wall decor. Still swooning….

  6. I love your stripes and plaid! And your budget-friendly advice, of course 🙂

    • Thank you! I really do try to work with what I have. I just get so stifled sometimes, due to a lack of time and budget. I try my best, but wish I could do more. That said, the financial bottom line is really what dictates my choices.

  7. Love the stripes! Looks great!

  8. Having been a someone who has painted stripes I see why you didn’t want to paint over them and I agree with everyone they look gorgeous and you did a fab job incorporating them in the nursery. You should take a bow for what you did for $46!

  9. Love it! My friend (and yours ) Lauren, from the Thinking Closet, told me that I’d love this blog – and I do! I am totally awestruck that you started your post with a limerick!

    And a Nantucket one at that? (At least it didn’t end the way the original does!)

    Great work! Love the transformation!

    • Thank you, Tara, and welcome! Lauren is a great gal, isn’t she? So sorry I didn’t read and respond to your comment sooner, but you were lost in spam land (oh no!). Heading to your blog now.

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