Moodboard Monday: Motivation and Inspiration


May 6, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

Good Monday morning, all!

Today’s moodboard is unlike any other moodboard that I have shared with you thus far.  Today’s moodboard is a not a moodboard at all, but rather, an actual living room in progress.

Do you remember Adrienne and her lack-luster living room?
Adrienne's Living Room

Adrienne’s Living Room

Last week I reminded you of Adrienne’s living room and the moodboard I created for her.

This week, I am going to share with you Adrienne’s progress.


Someone, a perfect stranger,

actually took my moodboard to heart and transformed a room?


Here is Adrienne’s e-mail to me a few weeks ago

(redacted as to form and content and images provided/supplemented):

Hello Christine!
I have been making a lot of progress with my living room and I must say that I’m in heaven! I absolutely loved all your designs and incorporating it into my space. As you can see, I took your design as inspiration, changed a few things for budget and time, and I’m loooving the result! The room isnt done by any means, but I wanted your readers to see the progress made so far.  Let me go ahead and get into the details!!
As you can see, I didnt follow your design exactly perfectly, but everything you suggested I loved, and I just kinda let the room organically flow from your suggestions. You had great advice and I was able to adjust it to my needs, budget, and time and I loooove the outcome!! I hope you aren’t too mad that I made some changes. You are absolutely wonderful to take the time to design my room and I love it so much!!
Adrienne's amazing progress

Adrienne’s amazing progress

As you can see, after much debate, a majority of my space is from Rocky I. As absolutely looovely the gold ceiling is (and I know how much your readers loved it!) Im still trying to convince the husband to just go for the gold.. He’s still a little hesitate, but Im working on it! Baby steps! 🙂 Also, as you can see, I have yet to paint the walls, Im still trying to get husband on board for that one too.
Rocky I

Rocky I


Rocky II – gold ceiling suggestion

I love the new layout of the space!
Adirenne's new floor plan

Adirenne’s new floor plan

You recommended that the two chairs be on the dining room side of the space and I think its fabulous there! Im still on the lookout of a cute side table for in between the two chairs.
In your survey, I told you that I liked abstract art, which I do. I actually commissioned someone on etsy to paint for me a 60 inch (!!) abstract piece of art. I planned on using that for the space where you recommended art work. After waiting about 5 weeks for the artwork to arrive, it finally came and my husband and I actually dont care for it! So, for the time being, we moved that artwork upstairs.
The artwork you see was actually inspired from a houzz picture that I liked. I am mildly obsessed with gold leaf and I thought it would be cute to incorporate some artwork with gold leaf. I just took a design I liked off the Internet, put down some gold leaf adhesive, placed my gold leaf on top of it and brushed away the unwanted gold.
Adrienne's gold-leaf, nautical art

Adrienne’s gold-leaf, nautical art

The designs are a seahorse, a fish, and a starfish. My husband complains that its a little too random to have nautical artwork, but I wanted to incorporate some gold and navy, and I couldn’t think of another design, so this is just a placeholder for the time being. I plan on getting some more abstract art, with a great pop of color, to replace this artwork.
Underneath the artwork is a buffet I found from Craigslist. I have attached a picture of the before. It was painted with ASCP, which Im a fan of, but it was actually a pretty horrible paint job before.
The ASCP buffet, before.

The ASCP buffet, before.

I painted it a darker grey color and then put some liquid gold paint on the hinges, hardware, and doors accents.
The buffet, after.  Adrienne's nautical navy.  (See, not so random - you can tell her husband I said that.)

The buffet, after. Adrienne’s nautical navy. (See, not so random – you can tell her husband I said that.)

You had suggested a little table with two ottomans underneath it, which i LOVED, but this buffet was just screeeaming my name, so it won out before I could find two matching ottomans. It still needed one more coat of polyrethurane when this picture was taken, so forgive that its not styled or anything yet, but at least the concept is there.
The IKEA hacked shelves are still there, and still looking sad from my lack of display skills.. haha! One day I will learn how to style shelves 🙂
I had the biggest light bulb go off in my head when you suggested gold silk drapes! how perfect! seriously,thats why you are soo good! I racked my head for weeks on what kind of drapery to get and your suggestion for gold silk was perfect!!  I just looove the gold silk!!
A little hard to see, but there's gold on dem thar walls!

A little hard to see, but there’s gold on them thar walls!

They were my first purchase and I got them from Walmart.. yup, Walmart, and i loove them! They are thick enough to look like silk, but still thin enough to let all the light stream in! The gold instantly “classed” up the whole room. What a great suggestion!!
I looved your suggestion for a table behind the settee. It was kinda hard to see from your mood board, but I loved the rustic feel of it! I couldnt wait to get one, so  I had my husband make me a table.. yup, he was able to join in on the fun! The table was built the day you gave me the mood boards, thats how excited we were! Husband built the table and I painted it. I wanted to give it a white wash rustic feel, but it ended up being a bit on the grey side. I just took some old paint (BM-Revere Pewter) and a couple of coats of watered down white paint and then sanded it down. We actually made the table while the settee was being upholstered, so we kinda just winged it on the measurements, but it ended up being the perfect size!
The settee FINALLY came back from our upholster and i love it! Its upholstered in Metro Grey Linen and was a $75 Craigslist find. I love the grey settee because its a neutral background and I can play it up with colorful pillows (which Im pretty much stuck on.. cant find any good pillows 😦
The ottoman was the most expensive piece in the room. I feel in LOOOOVE with the round ottoman on wheels that you suggested in Rocky II, but alas, it was just a tad out of our budget. I spent the better part of a week searching for different ottomans with the feel you suggested.I would send pages of links for approval from my husband, but, he just didnt like any of them. Then, I sent him ONE ottoman that was a square and he finally liked it. So, i ordered that one. Its from Overstock and while still a little pricey, we figure that once we have kids, it will be our regular coffee table to protect against any sharp edges. It is the Baxton Studio Keswick Beige Linen Modern Tufted Ottoman.
So, thats my living room!!
A room is never done, so Im excited to keep adding to this room, making even more changes, and just totally enjoy my new space!!! for your blog!
thanks again sooo much!!!!!!

This girl really knows how to take something and run with it!
I am so impressed with her diy spirit and ability to turn this room around so quickly.
I know it is far from finished, but she has really made some serious strides.
So, Adrienne, that, my dear, is a job well done.
The art…, the buffet…, the console table…, and the foresight in upholstering a dingy, Craigslist find?
Now, in answer to your questions/conundrums, I have a few suggestions:
  1. center the sofa and console table between the two windows, and hence the ottoman and chairs from that center line
  2. as to styling the shelves, either remove the large, ceramic fish entirely to another spot or incorporate them within the shelving, but not symmetrically – also try grouping things in threes (big medium, and small in scale or combining rounds and squares)
  3. pillows can be hard to find and expensive – look for pillow covers, much more affordable and easily cleaned and changed.  If not, a little fabric goes a long way in making simple pillow covers.
  4. I still strongly urge the gold ceiling.  In further insistence, I leave you with this image (sadly, I do not have a source, but I can tell you it isn’t mine 😉  )
(Source-less image, pinned to the moodboard's Pinterest board)

(Source-less image, pinned to the moodboard’s Pinterest board)

Again, the before:


 And the amazing AFTER in progress:

Adrienne's amazing progress

Adrienne’s amazing progress

So, folks, what do you think?

Are you as impressed with Adrienne’s progress as I am?

She’s a ‘Rock’-y Star in my book!

(Sorry, I had to.)

A big “Thank You” to Adrienne for sharing her space and opening herself and her home to me and the readers of Decorum DIYer.

So, dear readers, do you have any suggestions for Adrienne?

Or better yet, and words of praise and “atta girl”s?

Until next time, happy moodboarding!

Feeling like you need some inspiration or a fresh perspective for one of your spaces?
Please feel free to send me an e-mail at and request a complimentary moodboard!

5 thoughts on “Moodboard Monday: Motivation and Inspiration

  1. Wow!!! Adrienne, you rock(y)!!! That buffet you found is heavenly and I LOVE the paint job. The blue with gold is perfect. Don’t feel bad that you strayed from the moodboard, because that is divine. You have really done a fabulous job with Christine’s inspirational moodboard. I am thoroughly impressed. You will need to share with us an update after some time when you start acquiring some of the smaller decor items (stuff for shelves, pillows, etc.) or after you finally convince your husband to paint walls and/or ceiling. Keep it up!

    Christine, great follow up suggestions! I love seeing the progress. I was all ooooohs and awwwws. Then seeing the follow up suggestions, I was like, “oh, yeah, she needs to do that!” Specifically the centering the couch with the windows. Thanks for sharing this with us! Isn’t it exciting to see someone actually take your moodboards to heart? Wonderful!

    • It is great to see the moodboard come to life. After all, moodboards are nice, but the real deal is where you live. I am so happy that the moodboard is helping Adrienne focus her direction and hone her diy skils (pretty amazing skills, eh?). It truly is an honor to be part of the process.

  2. Woah! That’s so inspiring! It’s coming together amazingly! I hope to have one of these updates on our master bedroom for you soon ; ]

  3. Simply Chimerica says:

    That’s such a great living room revamp! Love the mirror!

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