Moodboard Monday: A ‘Knockout’ Living Room


April 29, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

Last week, I shared with you that I was creating a moodboard for dear Adrienne and showed you her living room in desperate need of some attention.

Sadly, my parody-riddled brain couldn’t help but mention the ‘Rocky’ movie series.  So, thank you dear Adrienne for tolerating that.  However, there is much more of the same to come.  So, bear with me…

As a reminder, here is Adrienne’s living room as it is today:

Adrienne's Living Room

Adrienne’s Living Room

As mentioned in the previous post, Adrienne wants this space to both ‘wow’ and welcome her guests.  Furthermore, this living room space will be technology-free and used to entertain guests to her home.  Adrienne’s self-described style is traditional, but she wants this space to be all about Rustic Glam.  A mix of sparkle and neutral earthiness, in both color scheme and materials.

In keeping with Adrienne’s wishes and my self-imposed ‘Rocky’ theme, I decided to go three rounds with this living room space.  Each round furthers the design of Adrienne’s living room:

  1. The first round (Rocky I) is a basic transformation that fully furnishes the room and gives the bare necessities – foundation footwork for the room, if you will.
  2. The second round (Rocky II) adds in more elements of glamour and glitz.  Most notably, a golden ceiling to help give more drama and aid in the illumination of the room.
  3. The third round (Rocky III) is the World Championship, the height of glamour and sophistication, complete with a navy, grasscloth feature wall, incorporated from the dining room.

Each round has elements that are interchangeable, dependent upon Adrienne’s taste and budget.  Also, one could look at the three rounds as a way to ‘bulk-up’ the room progressively from ‘Rocky I’ through ‘Rocky III’ as time and budget allow.

That said, here we go…

“Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!”

Firstly, here is the room’s floor plan with suggested furniture placement.  The placement of the furniture pieces will remain the same throughout all three ’rounds’.


Round 1

(Ding, Ding!)
Rocky I

Rocky I (Please click image to be linked to Olioboard to shop this look and for individual items.)

  • FURNITURE THAT IS STAYING: First and foremost, Adrienne’s rug, occasional chairs, gray sofa, and golden, Ikea hack ‘brass and glass’ etagere`s are staying in the room.  Adrienne owns these items and is excited to have them be incorporated into the design.
  • PAINT: The ‘perfect’ blue-gray will adorn all of the walls.  I am suggesting Benjamin Moore’s ‘Pale Smoke’.  It is blue, it is gray, but it does NOT have a green undertone.  However, Adrienne should use caution and test a few sample spots in the room BEFORE purchasing enough paint to cover the entire room.  Colors are funny, in that they look different in every room/wall.  Please use this suggestion as a guide to find the ‘perfect’ blue/gray that compliments your furnishings (rug, chairs, and sofa, most notably).  It is easier to tweak your paint color, not so with furnishings.
  • ADDITIONAL FURNITURE PIECES: 1. sofa table behind couch for lighting and drinks to perch (a rustic wood), 2. console table along far wall to present accessories (glass top, with a metal base – perhaps the metal could by painted to match the Ikea hacks?), 3. a small, round or rectangular table (could also be a bar cart) to nest between the occasional chairs, 4. an ottoman to double for a coffee table (with tray) and seating, 5. two, smaller ottomans/tufted stools to park under the console table for additional seating (could also double as storage, if needed)
  • LIGHTING:  Adrienne does not have an overhead light in this room.  So, unless an electrician is in Adrienne’s future, I am suggesting a stunning, crystal, drum shade, pendant light that plugs into the wall. (The cord may be draped with ceiling hooks to the entrance corner, the cord can follow the corner to the nearby outlet there.)  Additionally, lamps placed on the sofa table, and plug-in sconces above the etagere`s.
  • WINDOW COVERINGS:  To play off of the grays and light blues in the room, the draperies are a silky golden.  The golden color is neutral, but the sheen of the (faux) silk heighten’s the drama of the room.  Adrienne suggested wooden, roman shades in a pecan finish, so they are also being used for privacy issues, as the window faces the street.
  • ACCESSORIES:  A mix of ceramics, like those already collected by Adrienne should adorn the etagere`s.  Adrienne could find more at yard sales and thrift stores inexpensively and spray-paint them white, if needed.  I like the trend she has started and I think she should continue.  Also, the console table and etagere`s could be used to house a mini bar.  This is perfect for entertaining guests, especially as it is adjacent to the dining room.  Great for dinner parties!  Also, a large, round mirror above the console table will help to expand the room and reflect much-needed light into the space.
  • PILLOWS/FABRICS:  To incorporate the navy blue, as found in the adjacent dining room, I suggest that Adrienne (a self-professed, handy-dandy sewer) use inexpensive fabrics in navy and light blue.  The navy should be graphic to accent the navy blue elements.  The light blue should be shiny to mirror the backs of the occasional chairs.

(Okay, back to your corners.  Get a drink, and take a breather.  Ready?)

Round 2

(Ding, Ding!)

Rocky II (Again, click the image to be linked to Olioboard to shop this look and individual items.)

  • CEILING:  For the ultimate in glamour and drama – a gold ceiling!  Most paint manufacturers produce a golden, metallic paint.  I suggest Martha Stewart’s ‘Froth’ (light, gold) or ‘Tiger’s Eye’ (a darker, more bronze-y gold [“Eye of the Tiger” – Get it?]).  Both are easily available at Home Depot and the Home Depot website gives a full tutorial for anyone made nervous about painting with metallics.
  • PILLOWS/FABRICS: I know Adrienne forbade ‘yellow’, but I am introducing yellow in the form of ‘gold’.  I swapped out the light blue pillows for something more glitzy.  A golden-yellow is the perfect complement to the drapes and the navy accents.  Furthermore, it gives the room a more dynamic appeal, making the room feel larger and more inviting.
  • WINDOW SHADES:  Raising the stakes, I have replaced the pecan-colored, bamboo shades, with white/cream roman shades banded in a navy ribbon.  Again, to carry the navy in from the dining room.
  • LIGHTING:  Most of the lighting stays the same, but the hammered, brass lamps are being replaced by two, navy and white porcelain lamps.  Again, to carry the navy around the room and create more pattern and interest.  There is no need for the gold/brass on the sofa table with that stunning ceiling!
  • OTTOMANS:  Just a switch-up from rectangular ottomans to circular ones.  A minor change, but the repetitive circular shapes help balance out the angles of the room and the other rectangular furniture pieces.  Also, it gives the room an easier flow, both visually and as to traffic patterns.
  • ARTWORK:  A few pieces of abstract art that incorporate the room’s color palette and that give a horizontal flow to widen the room visually.  The horizontal layout of the art pieces help to keep one’s eyes moving around the room.  We also changed the white, circular mirror for a bronze one.  Just different and subject to preference.

(Okay, last round approaching.  Back to your corners.  Take a deep breath, this last one is the most dramatic.)

Round 3

(Ding, Ding!)
Rocky III (Again, click the image to be linked to Olioboard to shop this look and individual items.)

Rocky III (Again, click the image to be linked to Olioboard to shop this look and individual items.)

Jaw-breaking dropping drama for sure!  THIS is over-the-top Rustic Glam!

It will make you gasp, “Oh, Adriiiiiennnnnne!”

The changes, you ask?

  • FEATURE WALL:  All along, we have been trying to incorporate navy into the living room, because of the navy, grasscloth wallpaper in the adjoining dining room.  So why not wallpaper the far wall with the same navy, grasscloth wallpaper?  B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!  (As with Adrienne’s ‘inspiration photo’, she could always swap out the furniture pieces for built-ins and paper the backs of the built-ins.  Same concept.)
  • WINDOW SHADES:  Pattern and color.  Switching out the white with navy banding for full-on navy and white trellis design, roman shades.
  • MORE LIGHTING:  The addition of plug-in wall sconces on the tiny slivers of wall space to either side of the entrance.  They will add more functional lighting, but also glitz and drama.  Adrienne can choose, gold, white/cream, or light blue shades, dependent upon her preference.

There you have it.  A Rustic Glam living room in three rounds.  Of course, I realize that there are far more than three Rocky movies, but let’s be honest, just like the moodboards, they really don’t get any better after the third installment.

Besides, my job is to help Adrienne narrow down her choices, not present an endless maze of decor.  These three rounds give Adrienne the ability to choose within  her comfort zone and budget, but also let her see ways to build her living room over time or even change-up the style from season to season, or year to year.

So, dear Adrienne, I want you to conquer this room with the following advice:

“…eat lightening, and crap thunder!”

(I know, not very glamorous to use a word like ‘crap’, but you knew I needed to quote that line!)

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23 thoughts on “Moodboard Monday: A ‘Knockout’ Living Room

  1. twistnpout says:

    I LOVE the idea of a gold ceiling. I want to paint the ceiling in our master bedroom gold. I have a grey theme going on in there now, which I want to change and do up Moroccan style. However, i was not at all thrilled with the idea of having to paint the walls again. I will if I have to, but now you have shown me that the grey I have MIGHT go ok with gold. Though I am still not convinced. YOu obviously are much more skilled at this than I am 🙂 but if you could offer just a wee bit of advice I’d love it.

    • As I stated in this post, I considered ‘yellow’ to be a form of gold (in certain shades). Therefore, I see no reason why gray could not be considered ‘silver’. Why don’t you just ‘go for the gold’? If you don’t like the way it pairs with your gray (even after considering a change-up of fabrics in the room), you have only painted a ceiling – no harm done. The other option would be to stencil a loose, trellis design in a higher gray sheen (like semi-gloss or high gloss, since you are going for a Moroccan look) over the less shiny gray currently on your walls. Don’t be afraid to experiment! That said, here is a photo I found when testing out my gold and gray theory: Sadly, I repinned it from someone that did not have a source, nor original link.

      Also, check out my ‘Aubergine Fix’ moodboard for some Moroccan inspiration. Good luck!

  2. The gold ceiling is a knockout! I am redoing my master and because of some drywall repairs in the bathroom I have to repaint that as well. I’m thinking gold ceiling! I also like the 1,2,3 approach and often use it with my clients.

  3. Like the mix of patterns. Thanks for linking up!

  4. My vote is for round 1..I think its a knock out! (had to) I personally prefer the gray-blue ceiling and the navy details in that one. All 3 are fantastic, but that ones really jumps out at me.

  5. Great Job and wonderful detail and design explanations!!

  6. I love the moodboards you created for this space! I’m sure Adrienne was thrilled with how you helped her visualize the possibilities – great job 🙂

  7. Ha ha, the Rocky theme with the movie quotes and three rounds of moodboard madness were EXTREMELY entertaining. I feel a Rocky movie marathon coming on! (Side note: in high school, when we had to carry around eggs for a week to learn about the responsibilities of parenting…or at least in theory…I named my triplet eggs, Rocky, Adrianne, and Apollo. They were the fiercest baby eggs you ever did see.)

    But I really think the three rounds is a genius approach; it will make Adrienne’s job of prioritizing her redesign all the more easy and FUN! Another amazing moodboard, Christine. I think you could make a career of this!

  8. carissa says:

    very luxe. i loove the hack etagere’s! i want to incorporate more gold into my house:)

  9. I love the rocky theme for writing the post! Had me giggling. That gold ceiling is AMAZING!!! Holy smokes!!! The gold with the navy is beautiful! Hope Adrienne is thoroughly inspired. We will need some after pictures for all these mood board projects you do. See how close to the board they get. 🙂

  10. joanna says:

    Round one is my favorite, but I also heart round three’s gold ceiling…very inspiring!

  11. […] week I reminded you of Adrienne’s living room and the moodboard I created for […]

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