Moodboard Monday: I <3 Ikat


April 8, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

Happy Monday morning, all!

Greetings to you this fine Monday after a fun-filled, spring weekend.  Our family spent time at the Maryland Zoo and also squeezed in our nautical-themed photo shoot.  It was a windy day and our children at their silliest, but our photographer, Jane, was able to capture some special moments.  You can see a sneak peek of our nautical photo shoot on the blog’s facebook page.  While you are there, be sure to ‘like’ the page, if you haven’t already.  I share a lot of fun things via facebook.

Back to our moodboard for this week.

This week, I am featuring the master bedroom of my bloggy friend, Jennifer of Brave New Home.

Jennifer has great style and an even better artistic flair.  Her home is lovely and she is always tweaking it with little, found treasures and diy goodies.  She, like me, has an eye for an expensive design style, but she is very thrifty about creating that style. So, today’s moodboard will focus on creating Jennifer’s master bedroom with minimal funds and maximum diy and style.

Here is Jennifer’s current master bedroom courtesy of her blog posts: Master Bedroom Tour , Bringing Sexy Back and, A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events.

Upholstered headboard, bench, mirror, and linens are a great base.  Jennifer has laid the foundation.

Upholstered headboard, bench, mirror, and linens are a great base. Jennifer has laid the foundation.

Plenty of storage in that double closet. (So jealous.)

Plenty of storage in that double closet. (So jealous.)

Not-so-functional night stands.  Also, they are a bit too small for the scale of the room and bed.

Not-so-functional night stands. Also, they are a bit too small for the scale of the room and bed.

The work area is a necessity, but could use some new storage ideas to help keep the bedroom soothing and child-friendly.

The work area is a necessity, but could use some new storage ideas to help keep the bedroom soothing and child-friendly.

Based upon Jennifer’s tours and narratives, it is clear that Jennifer knows what she wants.  Here are a few inspirational photos that spoke to Jennifer:


Note the brass chandelier (although Jennifer stated silver) mixed with other metallics, dark, gray wall, and oversized night stands.
(Click image to be linked to Pinterest page and source.)


I think Jennifer is drawn to the color of walls, the simplicity of the space that manages to incorporate a desk, seating, larger night stands, and patterned window treatments.
(Click image to be linked to Pinterest page and source.)


Again, dark accent wall, area for a desk, simplicity, but with a dash of bold color and pattern. Also, note the mix of silver and gold/brass.
(Click image to be linked to Pinterest page and source.)


Clean, white bedding with accents of pillows in various colors/patterns. Dark, wall to wall window treatments. Tribal patterns used throughout.
(Click image to be linked to Pinterest page and source.)

This is perhaps my favorite image, as it sums most of Jennifer’s ‘likes’ up:


Those wooden beams! A great way to deal with Jennifer’s awkward, vaulted ceiling. The room has many of the elements of Jennifer’s current bedroom, but to the ‘n’th degree. I think this image sums it up perfectly.
(Click image to be linked to Pinterest page and source.)

This moodboard was so difficult for me, because I feel like I am just repeating what Jennifer has already put out in the blogosphere.  I guess sometimes we just need someone to agree with us and give us the ‘A-okay’. So, dear Jennifer, within this moodboard are your thoughts coming to fruition.

OB-I 3 Ikat II OB-I 3 Ikat

Firstly, allow me to walk you through the elements of the room.  Keep in mind that all images are linked to the moodboard’s Pinterest page, so click away for further information and sources.

The Ceiling:

One of Jennifer’s (and mine, too) favorite images showed a wooden-beamed ceiling.  Given that Jennifer has plans to move to another home eventually, perhaps installing those beams would prove to be too much of a project for what would be a temporary home.  However, they really do make a statement, bring the vaulted ceiling down to earth, and give the room a warm, organic quality.  My suggestion would be to invoke that same vibe by covering the ceiling in found (a.k.a. FREE – often available via Craigslist) pallet wood.  I would go further in bringing that ceiling planking down the tall wall opposite the sliders to visually bring the ceiling down a bit. The planking would continue from the corner of the vaulted ceiling down the high wall to the ‘normal’ height line for a ceiling (whether that be 8 or 9 feet – the height of the ceiling on the sliding glass door wall). Also, the wood should be stained using a gray, weathering stain.  I recommend Varathane’s ‘weathered gray’ wood stain.


Our mutual bloggy friend, Christina of Floriday’s Mom, has a great tutorial for applying such a stain.  She used this method to create a weathered, wooden headboard.

So, the overall effect would look something like this (sans the magnificent arches – we aren’t going to take it that far):


(Click image to be linked to Pinterest page for this moodboard and original source.)


(Click image to be linked to Pinterest page for this moodboard and original source.)

Accent wall behind bed:

I suggest painting the bed’s wall a dark gray like Behr’s ‘Distant Thunder’.


Dependent upon Jennifer’s (and her husband’s) preference, the small triangle of wall between the mirrored, closet doors and the angled ceiling could also be painted in the same ‘Distant Thunder’ or continued with the weathered gray planking.  In addition, the small triangle of wall created by the imaginary ceiling line and the angled ceiling above the bed (which I suggest to be painted in the ‘Distant Thunder’) could be covered in the weather gray planking, too.  I would start by just covering the ceiling and proceeding as it seems appropriate.

Now, I am sure that some of you are wondering if the above suggestions will make the room too dark.  Not at all!  The remainder of the walls will remain a soft, white (as they are now). Also, this master bedroom is fortunate to have a bank of sliders on one wall and a bank of mirrored, closet doors on the other.  I say go for it!

The Sliding Patio Doors:

Although Jennifer does not have huge privacy issues, as her master bedroom is on the second floor, she is prone to migraines; so light control would be helpful.  I suggest two layers of window treatments to maintain light control, but also to offer some more color and pattern.  The under layer, mounted on or just above the frame, are sheers with a loose, trellis pattern in white/gray/silver.


Or, similarly


The top layer, mounted at the ceiling line and from wall to wall, with the fabric banking to the right of the sliders when open:


I suggest using this rod to mount said draperies:



Although Jennifer currently has this rug


I really think the below rug (which Jennifer showcased on her blog) encapsulates everything I know and understand about Jennifer and her style.  Truly, this rug, in my eye, is ‘the one’ for Jennifer’s space.  The entire room depicted in my moodboard was envisioned through the style and color scheme of this rug:


The above rug is tribal, it’s worldly, and it’s masculine in style and feminine in color.  I think the above rug is perfect for Jennifer’s master bedroom.   The room is grounded in grays, blues, and whites, but we will be adding in pops of color, mostly in the form of a bright, but earthy, pink.  The rug should be at the end of the bed, anchored by Jennifer’s existing ottoman (great color, by the way!).  If Jennifer (and her husband) are still looking for some  furry-ness underfoot in the form of the original rug, perhaps two smaller rugs (2’x3′ or 3’x5′) of the same pattern (tuscan moroccan/marrakesh shag) to either side of the bed?  In the event that the above rug is no longer available (a reality of bargain stalking hunting), I suggest the below rug:


It is a distant second to my first choice, but it still incorporates the tribal/global vibe with hues of blue, gray, cream/white, and pink.

As for the bed’s linens, Jennifer already has a plethora of white linens, which she loves.  I would mix in navy shams and a collection of throw pillows in varying patterns of ikat.  I chose ikat as the fabric of choice for this room (and for the moodboard title) because it is one of the best fabrics that gives a global feel and incorporates a range of bold, but earthy, colors.  The throw pillows and perhaps a throw at the end of the bed is a great way to bring in some girly, bright pink, without being offensive to Jennifer’s husband’s sensibilities.

3918559f08a58ed20af32f17428c19c5 96a64efd76801a72467d43cd3bbad2bf 51a3edbe433089e5a072ac2a6bf13005 2f72c1aff10b008c18400ac4efa5d34a


I really love this print from One Kings Lane…,


…but not the price tag.

The great thing is that Jennifer is über talented in the fine arts arena, specifically painting.  I really think she could duplicate the look for pennies on a blank canvas (or perhaps a thrifted canvas that she can paint over?).  I think Jennifer may already have the paints, given her recent child-friendly egg carton wreath.


A pair of such painted canvases would look great above the night stands to either side of the bed.

Jennifer also has several photos of she and her husband and their journey of life together as a couple and as world travelers.  Photo galleries should be hung above the bed (to anchor the bed against the huge, vaulted wall – again, I know Jennifer is clinging to silver, but perhaps frames with a golden hue, or mix of the two?) and above the entrance wall/desk area.

Some of the lower frames could double as jewelry boxes.  It is a great way to add practical storage for jewelry and display favorite artwork/photos.


Design Sponge has a great tutorial for creating your own, but Jennifer could diy one using a discarded vanity/medicine cabinet (the depth is great for hanging bulkier jewelry items!).

Oh wait…, I haven’t mentioned the rest of the furniture in the room, have I?

Well, here is the suggested floor plan. The bed really has nowhere else to go.  I suppose one could position it in front of the bed, but it may be a bit too narrow on either side to function that way.



Additional furniture:

Jennifer needs more storage space.  Although she has an entire wall of closet space, it is used for household storage, in addition to her and her husband’s clothing.  Perhaps a closet clean-out/reorganization is in order as well?  I’d tuck the existing Ikea dresser into the closet.  If there really isn’t any room, then perhaps the dresser can find a new home as a night stand on the left side of the bed?  Of course, I would recover  the inside of the drawers with a color and bold, over-sized pattern in keeping with our current scheme.

I happen to know that Jennifer has an affinity for campaign-styled furniture like I do.  While it is possible she could uncover a pair of campaign chests as night stands via Craigslist or thrift stores, Jennifer might do better to just diy-ing her night stands.  Taking a cue from the below Ikea Hack, new night stands with better proportion and storage could be in Jennifer’s near future:

Ikea Rast Hack Campaign 700-757974

I am sort of smitten with the Sugar Plum (Behr) color used above, and it certainly fits in our color scheme, but it is perhaps a bit too much for Jennifer’s dear husband.  Although, Jennifer could give these night stands (or any pair of chests with three drawers) a shiny white lacquer with any type of hardware her little heart desires.

I’d like to see the computer and work station be hidden or beautified in some way.  My first instinct is to find an armoire or entertainment center with doors that would offer Jennifer and her husband solitude from the computer at night and also keep the computer off-limits to their young son when the computer is not in use.

I took the liberty of searching Jennifer’s local Craigslist for some examples of budget-friendly items (see the Pinterest page for this moodboard), but the below is a good example of such:

It could certainly be left as-is, or painted any color.

It could certainly be left as-is, or painted any color.

If not, an attractive desk (unlike the one currently in the room) could work, but the option of ‘putting it away’ is no longer feasible:


I also suggest a pair of chairs that would double as lush seating in the master bedroom and a utilitarian seat whilst working at the computer/work station.  Chairs similar to the below examples would work, depending upon Jennifer’s and her husband’s preference and needs:


Sorry, this listing has been removed. (Boooo!)


Additionally, if Jennifer’s husband needs additional storage for files, the night stand adjacent to the computer could double as a filing cabinet, simply with the addition of file hanging hardware to one or all of the drawers:


Or even file boxes on the desk or hidden in the closet.



Jennifer has already purchased and mounted the below wall scones:


They are practical, in that they do not take up valuable real estate on the night stand surface and they are child-proof (in terms of being knocked-off the night stand), but they are just too small for the location.  Jennifer asked that I keep these, but she didn’t say I couldn’t move them!  (wink)

In an effort to bring scale and proportion to the night stands and give the room a sense of cohesion, I really think that pendants hanging from the ceiling are the way to go.  Not only would the hanging pendant lights have all the benefits of the current sconces (unless of course the little one decides to swing on them), they also bridge the gap between the ceiling and the livable space in the room – further grounding the ceiling, so to speak.


The above pendants are also ‘plug-in’ (not hardwired), so they should be easy to hang/install and would be able to move to Jennifer’s next home.  At $63.00 a piece, I think they are reasonable.

As for the current plug-in, wall sconces, they should be moved to the entrance wall to either side of the desk or armoire.  I think the scale is more appropriate there.

So, all in all, I say “I ❤ Ikat” and so should you.

I say go with your gut, , dear Jennifer, after all, your blog’s name is BRAVE New Home, not ‘Play It Safe’ New Home.  I think that by following your gut as to color, pattern, etc…, you will find that your house becomes YOUR HOME.


Feeling like you need some inspiration or a fresh perspective for one of your spaces?
Please feel free to send me an e-mail at and request a complimentary moodboard!


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15 thoughts on “Moodboard Monday: I <3 Ikat

  1. Great ideas Christine. I love the idea of bringing in bold colors and ikat prints, I think that is just what Jennifer’s room needs. I love the way the blues tone down the pinks and are the perfect mix of man and woman. Like you said, sometimes you just need someone to give you that push to go-for-it. She already has so much working for her in this room, a few additions and the room can really be special. Thank you for the nod on staining palette wood. I love gray stain, I can’t wait to use it other places in my house. A palette ceiling would be killer (and economical with free palettes) Well done!

    • Thank you, Christina! Of course, the jury is out with the one person (well, two, if you count her husband) for whom this moodboard would affect. Knowing that you are on board, and that you also ‘know’ Jennifer, gives me confidence that she (and I) are on the right track.

  2. I LOVE this. That rug is perfect! Also, Jennifer is great at creating art and I think she could totally do something similar to what you found on One Kings Lane. That would look so good in her room. Shoot, I think I want it to be my room now 😉 But I like my room, too. This is why I need multiple houses, ha ha.

  3. I ❤ Ikat now, too! Thanks for educating me on what ikat even was…now, I'm love with it! And I know Jennifer will be, too. Not only did you affirm her design instincts, but you've really taken it to the next level by offering practical solutions and spelling it out in such a way that even a design novice like myself can say, "Yeah. That's do-able." I really love the idea of pallet boards on the ceiling. If we weren't renters, I'd be nailing some pallet boards into our bedroom ceiling right…now! Another incredible moodboard…and it was really fun to read this one having to gotten to know Jennifer a bit in blogland. I can't wait to see what she ends up doing with the space now that she has this incredible moodboard as a jumping off point. Brava, my friend!

    • Thank you, Lauren. I can’t wait to see where Jennifer goes with this, whether is spawned from my input or not. Of course, as I mentioned, I really feel as though I regurgitated what she has already put out to the blogosphere. I think I may just have repackaged it into something that she will see with new perspective.

  4. Simply Chimerica says:

    I love all the colors and patterns! I would be in a such a good mood in this room!

  5. carissa says:

    what a thorough consult! i think the dark accent wall with the wood beam ceilings is sooo gorgeous. i plan to do a dark accented board and batten wall in my master! i also love the campaign dresser idea {in bright pink no less!!!} and that wood armoir is exactly what i’m looking for in my space. my hubs would never go for the pink…but other than that this could be my room:)

    • Thank you. Well, I couldn’t tell her what to paint without stating why, and at that point, you just need to give it all up! 😉 I try to be thorough, to be sure that my ideas are understood. Your master bedroom plans sound lovely. Although, like this room, the addition of dark gray and navy gives wiggle room for some girly colors.

  6. Wonderful mood board! Seems like Jennifer is on the right track. I love the pallet ceiling/wall. Did you see remodelando la casa’s faux wood beams? I’d love to do this in my future house, except leave it more woody. Here is her reveal:

  7. […] you to Christine of Decorum DIYer for helping me out with my master bedroom design by creating a custom mood board.  Not only is Christine super talented, she’s thoughtful, thorough, and lots of fun to work […]

  8. Awesome post! I’m dying over that art piece you chose. I might need to attempt a DIY like that too! Gorgeous. This is such a well-thought-out, beautiful mood board. I hope we get to see an “after!”

  9. […] you to Christine of Decorum DIYer for helping me out with my master bedroom design by creating a custom mood board.  Not only is Christine super talented, she’s thoughtful, thorough, and lots of fun to work […]

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