“Saving Sarah And Her Man'”


March 4, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

Good Monday morning, all!

Time for another moodboard (clearly only the post’s title is channeling the movie ‘Saving Silverman’)!

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Sarah.  I have known Sarah since she was about five years old, as I was one of her dance teachers.  Through the years, she grew up (of course, I stayed the same, right?) and eventually became a dance company member and we danced side by side for many years.

Although Sarah no longer dances with our company, I see her around and we keep in touch via facebook.  Recently, Sarah and her beau purchased their first home.  What an exciting time for them both.

Of course, as soon as I heard the words ‘first home’, I offered my help.  How could I not?  Sarah and I have very much the same style and personalities, as we are products of the same dance program and grew up in the same neighborhood.  So, the chances that we would share the same thoughts are pretty high.  Here is Sarah’s response to my offer for a moodboard:

How about a mood board for the bedroom? I’d like to use a Roman shade on the window with the dresser underneath… but unsure of the pattern. I feel that will be the fabric that ties the whole room together. .. and perhaps floor length purple curtains on the window across from bed. Otherwise I’m thinking orange or coral accents? Here’s a painting were putting over bed. It has silver, gold, purple, bronze and orange. Also I have some square wrought iron decor wall hangings I may use?

Some of Sarah’s other requirements are:

  1. A place to put her coffee while still sitting in bed (night stand).  She sleeps on the left side of the bed near the door.  Currently there is nothing there.
  2. Window solutions that offer decor, light-blocking qualities, and privacy.
  3. A television in the room.
  4. A style that suites Sarah’s personality, but also considers her beau as an equal presence in the room.
The art piece that serves as the room's main inspiration.

The art piece that serves as the room’s main inspiration.

Sarah's treasured jewelry box given to her by her parents.

Sarah’s treasured jewelry box given to her by her parents which also serves as an inspiration piece.

Through my conversations with Sarah, she revealed that she longs after the look of Charlotte’s apartment from ‘Sex In The City’.  A look that is traditional and timeless, but at the same time stylish.  Here are some images of Charlotte’s apartment via ‘Hooked on Houses’:

charlottes-dining-rm-511x288 charlottes-bedrm-511x288 charlottes-hallway-511x288 charlottes-hall-2-511x288

HBO also has a tour of one of Charlotte’s previous apartments.  You can see that here.

The funny thing is that I, too, am drawn to Charlotte’s style and relate most to Charlotte’s character in terms of decorum and style.  What a perfect moodboard match!

Here are a few images of Sarah’s new master bedroom.  It is a space converted from the home’s previous attic.  There is an interesting nook and a sizable walk-in closet, as well as a master bathroom with both a shower and spa tub.

View from the room's entrance.

View from the room’s entrance.

View from the master bathroom.

View from the master bathroom.

View from the far end of the room looking back at the entrance and master bathroom.

View from the far end of the room looking back at the entrance and master bathroom.

The previous owner painted the room a pale pink.  Sarah has already chosen and painted the room in two shades:

Sherwin Williams' Intuitive

Sherwin Williams’ Intuitive

The other color is a neutral, but definitely picks up the grayish/purple undertones of ‘Intuition’.  It looks beautiful together.

Sarah also already picked up her bedroom set in an ebony finish. The bed is a California King, but it works in the awkward space, as any bed for two (queen-sized and larger) would have the same arrangement issues. So, one might as well go big!  Here is the room as it was when I arrived to view the space:

Sherwin Williams' 'Intuitive'

Sherwin Williams’ ‘Intuitive’ on the bed wall.


The ‘nook’ and the rest of the room painted in the neutral color.

Sarah has a strong sense of what she wants and has excellent taste (of course I would say that, given that we share a lot of the same thoughts).  Although Sarah’s ideas are heavily influenced by ‘Charlotte’s apartment’, Sarah’s master bedroom has a moodier slant.  So, without further ado, here is Sarah’s Master Bedroom Moodboard:

'Saving Sarah And Her Man' via Olioboard

‘Saving Sarah And Her Man’ via Olioboard

Both Sarah and I instinctively knew that hues of plums, eggplants, corals, and rusts would work well in this space.  Although the wall color, ‘Intuitive’ seems feminine at first, paired with the darker hues of eggplant and plum, it becomes a neutral backdrop pairing well with the pops of coral and rust.

I added rounded and circular shapes where I could to soften the harsh angles of the room and the many squares and rectangles of the furnishings.  Also, I brought some masculinity to counter-balance the femininity, after all, this is a room for two.

Here is another moodboard to assist in envisioning the scheme:

OB-Saving Sarah2...

(via Olioboard)

This is the room’s current furniture arrangement, with some suggested tweaks:


The room only allows for placement of any bed against the entrance wall and possibly the exterior/nook wall.  Currently, Sarah only has one night stand, which is in the nook.  I am suggesting the following tweaks to make the space more functional, bring some necessary masculine touches, and make the space read as a master bedroom, as opposed to a guest bedroom:

  1. Move the six-drawer dresser into the nook.  Although I immediately thought the nook would be a great reading/lounging area, it really is too low to function properly. Tucking the dresser in the nook frees up some space to move in a seating area. (Guess what?  After my suggestion, Sarah made the move after I left.)


    Without any complicated built-ins, it makes better use of the space and frees-up the floor space. Although, I would pull the dresser to the front of the nook, flush with the interior wall to avoid bumping one’s head.

  2. Move the tall dresser into the walk-in closet.  It doesn’t change it’s function, as one would need to enter the closet to choose clothing, so getting items from the dresser while in there is not a huge inconvenience.
  3. Purchase a second night stand that matches the current set.  Sears (where the furniture was purchased) does offer a night stand add-on for about $110.00.  This would give both Sarah and her beau a night stand.  Sarah likes to drink her coffee in bed, so she requires a night stand for this purpose.  But also, it gives she and her beau equal real estate in the shared room.ed19f1f4e3f247ad95ece83c0f425183
  4. Add in an occasional chair, reading lamp, ottoman, and bookcase/accent table under the window to create a reading/lounging area.  I feel the addition of such a space will make the room feel less awkward and better utilized.  I suggest a leather chair and ottoman to bring a more manly and organic feel to the space.1931117_206x2061931116_206x206
  5. Sconces to the back of the nook to either side of the octagonal window to provide much-needed light and ambiance.1923018_206x206
  6. Two sconces above the bed’s headboard to free up the night stand and give a less cluttered appearance.1923022_206x206
  7. Changing out the crystal ceiling fixture for something more substantial and less feminine. (Perhaps we could sneak the crystal one into the walk-in closet?)1923062_206x206
  8. A. Roman shades made from a fabric with a loose, trellis design, possibly edged/banded with a contrasting, coral ribbon border.  The single, roman shade (spanning both windows as one unit) should be hung from the ceiling or as close to the ceiling as possible to draw one’s eye up.  Also, the fabric should be lined for maximum light-blocking benefits.  A second, under-layer of a sheer, roller shade could be mounted inside each window (2 side-by-side) to provide privacy during the day, without blocking sunlight, when the roman shades are gathered up.  B.  Long, eggplant drapes flanking the windows adjacent to the bathroom’s entrance with matching roman shade and roller shades, complete with dark, bronze curtain rods. The bronze/copper metallics are carried throughout the room.
  9. b2bc563386ac7aea906a522bc93f56c3











  10. 1922769_206x206Off-white, neutral bedding and pillows/accessory bedding in coral, rust, plum, and eggplant.  I prefer the addition of the plaid to balance all of the ‘girliness’ in the room. The off-white bedding (not patterned or a saturated color) will help balance and sooth the room.
  11. Mounting the flat panel television on the exterior wall, but framing it in a way that it looks like a framed painting.  Also, mounting a floating shelf above the television to house television components.  This ‘entertainment center’ of sorts needs to be as compact and flush to the wall as possible.  There really isn’t much space between the foot of the bed and the wall for passage.



    (showing shelf above, not so much the lower units.)

    Hopefully, you, as well as Sarah can see the vision.  Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing a second moodboard tomorrow that features placing the bed on the opposite wall.  (Want to see it?  Please click here to view the second moodboard.)

Feeling like you need some inspiration or a fresh perspective for one of your spaces?
Please feel free to send me an e-mail at decorumdiyer@comcast.net and request a complimentary moodboard!

If you like what you see and want to see more, consider following this blog via e-mail, rss feed, and/or facebook.

Until next time…, happy painting and decorating!

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11 thoughts on ““Saving Sarah And Her Man'”

  1. Simply gorgeous! I love your suggestion for the nook. I saw that in the first pic (when it was still pink) and wondered what in the heck I’d do with that space (especially in a master). Putting the longer dresser there made much more since. Love all the coral additions. You’ll have to keep us posted on what Sarah goes with.

  2. This is very pretty. I like all of those tones together and I like the color Sarah chose for her walls. Yes, you’ll have to keep us posted as to how everything ends-up.

  3. Hi Christine! This looks like a fun project, especially with a friend. I am interested to see how it turns out! And thanks for being a faithful reader of my blog :)!

  4. ngnrdgrl says:

    Wonderful, Christine! You really have picked that room apart with some great ideas. I really get a sense for the style of the room as well as the increased function. Can’t wait to see part 2.

  5. Christa says:

    What a great mood board. Love the color choices and furniture placement. You really know how to make a room come together.

  6. […] « “Saving Sarah And Her Man’” […]

  7. Love the colors! Thanks for linking up!!

  8. You never fail to impress me with these moodboards…I just love how your brain works! (Is that weird?) I really love the patterns and colors that you chose to accent her wall and furniture colors. It’s really coming together nicely here…and I can only imagine how fun it is to collaborate with a close friend on a design project…especially when you think so much alike. Can’t wait to head over to Part Deux now.

  9. Wow I really love the purple + coral color combination – I never would have thought of that. Your mood board is spectacular, I’m so impressed! Stopping by from Beth’s link-up party 🙂

    – Erika {All Things E}

  10. Jennie says:

    Love all these ideas! I loved that apartment in sex in the city!!

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