Craigslist is ‘Cray-Cray’


February 22, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

Well, sometimes, Craigslist is crazy, or ‘cray-cray’ as some less verbally proficient people may say. You know, these are the same people who list a dresser on Craigslist as a ‘chester drawers’. Presumably the seller has a ‘chest of drawers’?  Or, they try to sell their ‘chase’ lounge. But I digress, I am not a perfect example of grammar and the English language either.

If you follow this blog, and especially my facebook page (hint, hint), then you know I have an obsession with Craigslist.  It really is a great resource for vintage, original, and mostly inexpensive, second-hand treasures.

However, Craigslist is a strange land to navigate sometimes.  We all have stories, I’m sure.  Below are just two of my stories from this past week alone.  Scenario one is humorous, but skip to scenario two, if you want a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Scenario #1 –

Are you kidding me?

In addition to shopping Craigslist, I also often list items from my own home.  Most recently, I listed our HUGE 36″ tube television and its corresponding stand for free.

Here is the ad I posted:

image 1image 2image 3image 4

Available FOR FREE, IMMEDIATELY, is a 36″ Sony Trinitron Television/TV and television stand.The television was manufactured in the year 2000 and is in excellent working condition. (39″w x 29″h x 24″d)
The television stand is on rolling casters and serves its purpose.
It is great for television components and storage, but is cosmetically marred/distressed, but still solid and usable. (32″w x 24″h x 22″d)
[Special note: items contained in the television stand are not included in this offer. We are only offering the television and the empty television stand.]
The television is available for immediate pick-up, pending scheduled appointment.
IMPORTANT:THIS TELEVISION IS EXTREMELY HEAVY (at least 200 lbs.) AND REQUIRES AT LEAST TWO STRONG INDIVIDUALS TO HAUL.**We, the ‘gifters’, are unable to assist you with removal/loading of the television and television stand and are not responsible for any injuries associated with television and television stand removal. That said, the television is currently in our living room, a ground floor level, and awaiting pickup. Individuals that remove the television need only to exit our front door, step down one small step (the height of a brick) and transverse our level front yard. No complicated hallways, stairwells, steps, nor hills to navigate. Please bring appropriate vehicle to load television and haul away.** From a clean, smoke-free home
True to form, it is verbose, as it is my ad.  But furthermore, I wanted to be sure that prospective recipients understood how heavy the television is.  Prior to my role as a full-time, stay-at-home mother, I worked in a law firm.  So, my carefully worded ad, should be no surprise to anyone.
Being that the television was free, we had several responses.  After weeding out the ‘not too serious’ responders, and those that were not bringing the appropriate amount of strong, able-bodied help, we were greeted by two young, lanky lads and their mother.  They were picking-up the television for their father.
My husband was very clear as to the television’s weight and heft.  
Of course, the inevitable happened.  I think it was mostly due to bravado, but these two gentlemen picked up the television, made comments (through their grunts) that the television was h-e-a-v-y, but they carried on.  
Within a few steps out of our front door, there was a large crash, followed by a series of “OH-MY-GOD”s.The television lay on its face, so the worst case scenario, a smashed screen, was yet known.
After a few heave-hos, the television was righted and the damage was clear.  Although the screen was not cracked, nor broken, it did have a huge ‘road rash’ scratch in the center of the screen.  Who knows if the internal components were even workable at this point?No matter, they soldiered on and managed to load the television into their waiting vehicle.  After a series of ‘I’m sorry’s and ‘Thank you’s, they left as confidently as they arrived.
My husband and I felt horrible.  We were happy that we offered the television and stand for free, but were upset that the television was dropped after all of that hard work to list, vet the responders, and coordinate the appointment.  But, no matter, it was their television now.  We did our part.
Then, we noticed it.  There, next to the front door, on the foyer table. There it was…, the television’s remote.  They went through all of the trouble just to leave the all important remote control behind.  
Are you kidding me?
Of course we attempted to contact them via e-mail, text, and phone calls, but they did not respond, nor make a return trip.  I can only assume that their first stop after my home was the dump.  Bummer.

Scenario #2 –

 A ‘feel good’ story.

I promise.

On the bright side, I did have another, more positive Craigslist experience.  You see, the part inside me that has a conscience often tries to make what I call “Craigslist connections”. (Let’s be clear here.  I am not speaking of Craigslist’s ‘casual encounters’. Okay, moving on….)  Through my daily perusal of Craigslist, I see many people, often in need, asking for items for their households, and mostly for their children.  These ‘wanted’ ads seem sincere, so I take the time to find a match.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to make such a connection.  I had read a lengthy ‘wanted’ ad requesting a specific type of bunk bed for a two-year old and a four-year old pair of siblings.  The bunk bed needed to be wooden and have stairs, instead of the standard ladder, as it was the safety concern of the mother.  The ad stated that the family had been struggling, moved, caught up on bills after the father had lost his job, and that they were willing to spend $200 on such a bunk bed.

As luck would have it, I found an exact match to the bunk bed requested FOR FREE on Craigslist.  I immediately contacted the ‘gifter’ and explained the scenario.  Here is a redacted version of my e-mail correspondence.  (I have removed identifying information to protect the parties.  Be warned, this attempt also made my formatting ‘screwy’.)

My initial e-mail:

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 12:24 PM, C. Drumgoole <cdrumgoole@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am a third party, but couldn’t help notice that a family in need is looking for an inexpensive bunk bed on Craigslist and that you have one for free.  Perhaps you would like to contact them with your bunk bed.  I am sure they would appreciate the gesture.

This is the family’s ad:  

I do not know them, nor you, I just thought I would make a Craigslist connection.

Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day,


The Craigslister’s response:

On Feb 14, 2013, at 12:32 PM, Ebony XXXX wrote:

You literally made my eyes water when I read your message. That was extremely nice and thoughtful of you to refer that family to me.  I just sent her a message, hopefully she responds.  I didn’t know my post would generate so many responses and I just posted it but I am definitely going to give it to her if she hasn’t already found something.

You have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!


My reply:

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 1:16 PM, C. Drumgoole <cdrumgoole@xxx> wrote:

Thank you.  I am happy that my unsolicited, out-of-the-blue message was taken by you with the spirit I intended.  I appreciate you taking the initiative and contacting the family.  I hope that things work out for all parties.  Good luck and bless you.

Thank you,


Final reply WITH GREAT NEWS!

Good morning,

I just wanted to let you know that the family you referred to me came and picked up the bedroom set last night. They were extremely happy and thankful about the bed and that someone like yourself took the opportunity to connect us.  Truly a happy ending.  

Enjoy your day!


A happy ending, indeed! I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

I encourage all of you to do the same.  We can all make a huge difference in someone’s day, with just a little effort.

So, do you have any Craigslist stories of either scenario?  I’d love to hear them!

Until next time…, happy Craiglisting!


2 thoughts on “Craigslist is ‘Cray-Cray’

  1. […] about him – how couldn’t I?  After all, he puts up with me and my crazy (or ‘cray cray‘, for those of you playing along at home) ‘Craigslist Lady’ ways.  So bear with […]

  2. Ha ha! I actually love the term “cray cray”…mostly because people don’t expect it to come out of my mouth…especially students. I love to shock people and play with the English language.

    Oh no! After ALL THAT they dropped it? AND forgot the remote? At least it makes a great story now. Though I can understand your feelings of giver’s remorse. Sniff.

    And I LOVED learning about “random acts of Craiglist kindness” that you do. It’s actually not too surprising that you take the time to do that, knowing the kind of person you are. So, remember how I said you needed a HGTV show called “Moodboarding with Christine” or something like that…well, now I think you could have monthly segments called “Craigslist Connections” or something of the like where you help people find what they need on Craigslist. (Not sure why I’m so insistent on you having a TV show…maybe I watch too much TV!)

    Great stories! Keep ’em coming.

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