Room and ‘Bored’


January 18, 2013 by Decorum DIYer

Have you ever just looked around your house and get down about how your house looks nothing like the house you see in your mind’s eye?  Yeah, me too.  I really do have tons of great ideas for my home, but not the budget, nor time to bring those ideas to fruition.

Instead, what I do have is a little bit of time and a meager budget to chip away at things slowly.  I rather like doing things this way, as it gives me time to really focus my design and it forces me to be quite inventive.  However, I still get down about not being able to do it all in one fell swoop.

Currently, the two rooms in the house that are driving me batty (with exception of the useless, unfinished basement) are my master bedroom and my living room.  Neither of these rooms have really been given any attention since we have moved in because they both were quickly painted and are used on a daily basis.

Today, I am focusing on my master bedroom.  I’d like to share my concerns about the room and get some of your thoughts.  Feel free to throw as many ideas my way as you like.  I’m game!

Firstly, here is a picture of the master bedroom during the big clean-out (Oh, by the way, I always hear James Brown singing “The Big Payback”, but as “THE BIG CLEAN-OUT” whenever I say it in my head.):


View from the entrance door


View from the corner to the entrance.


And how the room looks today.

For comparison, here is what our master bedroom looked like in our previous house, our townhouse:


Both my husband and I really loved our previous master bedroom.  The golden color on the walls, Valspar’s ‘Woodlawn Lewis Gold’, was perfect in that space.  You can see more of our townhouse and its master bedroom, here and here.  When we purchased our current home, my husband was pretty gung-ho about painting our bedroom the same color.  Given our tight timeline to move into the home (we had sold our house and were living with my parents for almost two months), I agreed.  I didn’t have a better plan and there was no time to think of one.  My husband lovingly painted our master bedroom in one crazy overnight paint bender.  I really do appreciate his effort, but I just don’t like the bedroom color, nor the way in which it is painted.  I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to painting a room, so I find fault with any paint job.  A room that would take someone a day or two to paint, takes me a week – nonstop.  That said, I really haven’t repainted the room (aside from the usual no budget and time barriers) because I really don’t know which color to paint the room.

Well, there was that one time,  when I painted the master bathroom orange.  I got this crazy idea that maybe an orange accent wall would look GREAT in my master bedroom.  Here are the embarrassing results:


I like how the orange diminished the orange tones of the woodwork (something else I still want to paint, but can’t agree with the husband). Oh, and THAT is the style of window in all of the bedrooms. I loathe this window size and style. I have worries at night about escaping from a house fire.


I actually love the color of the paint in the foreground, not so much in the corner. This shade and sheen (kitchen and bath – bleh) doesn’t play too nicely with the existing ‘Woodlawn Lewis Gold’, as it brings out some putrid, green undertones that I don’t like.

I hated it and my husband hated it even more.  Talk about a waste of a day.  So, back to ‘Woodlawn Lewis Gold’ it went:


A little bit of primer first. You can bet this is the best painted wall in the whole bedroom, probably even the whole house. 🙂

I just realized that this little tour may take more than one post.  I have that much to say about this room.  Who knew?  So, l think I will just let you see the rest of the room and let you take it all in.  I’ll be back in later installments to elaborate on the window/window treatments, closet situation, the odd master bathroom/closet door wall, etc….

Here we go!  Starting with the view from the entrance door and moving around the room in a clockwise fashion:


Not my first choice in window treatments, but they were inexpensive and keep out the light and cold. More on that later.... (And yes, that is Ascher on the bed.)

Not my first choice in window treatments, but they were inexpensive and keep out the light and cold. More on that later…. (And yes, that is Ascher on the bed.)


I’ll get to why all of that junk is on the dresser tops later….



Things I think need improvement with the room:

  1. The wall color.  It could work as is, if I painted all of the trim, doors, ceiling, etc…, but I am pretty open to change.  My husband, not so much.  I just don’t like the color as much as I liked it in our previous master bedroom (different home style, lighting, etc….) That said, we both cling to autumnal colors and a mostly traditional aesthetic.  
  2. The furniture stays – for now.  I have had thoughts of painting the blonde dressers (you know, the ones will all of the ‘junk’ on them) a distressed black. I like the storage offered by the dresser and quite like the style.  Not sure if I want the attached mirror to hang around, or go in a different direction with a separate, round mirror.
  3. The TRIM!  I want to the paint the trim.  I don’t mind wood trim, when it is a nice stain color, or high-end mill work, but this trim is nothing special, it is an odd, orange-y shellac for which I don’t like.  Also, much of the molding, especially around the window, is in need of some t.l.c..  Painting the trim would not break my heart, even though it is my least favorite paint project.
  4. That ceiling and ceiling fan.  While a ceiling fan is a necessary in our home (energy-efficient, especially for those of us that prefer the windows open and the air conditioner off (unless the house’s internal temperature reaches 80 degrees)), I want to paint the fan blades and change out the light fixture.  My husband and I chose the ‘boob’ light kit when we first moved in, as it was the best we could find at the time.  I have tried to upgrade to a drum shade, but the husband doesn’t like that idea.  Also, I’ve thought about spray painting the metal housing, but the aged brass/bronze is growing on me.  As for the ceiling, it needs to go darker (even darker than the walls – whatever color they are/will be) and possibly have some sort of stencil/faux finishing treatment.
  5. Windows:  Our windows are original to the house.  Therefore, the windows are not energy-efficient and leak like a sieve.  Sure, we would like to replace the windows, but that is not in the budget.  To combat the cold in all of the bedrooms, I have employed a double, even triple, layering of window treatments.  The rust colored roller shades (my least favorite type of shade) were chosen due to their low-cost, thermal qualities, and blackout feature.  I like the grommet top drapes (and I like the long length, but have been rethinking that as well), but they are just so blah!  The drapes are also thermal and light blocking.  Can you tell we like to sleep in absolute darkness?
  6. The closet/bathroom situation.  Sure, I should count my lucky stars that my tiny abode even has a master bathroom, but I’d really like a bigger one.  Also, I don’t much care for the access-limiting trio of by-pass doors.  Getting into my closet is almost impossible and the wall-o-doors limits furniture placement.

Stay tuned, I do have a lot of ideas, but for now, they are just dreams.  Until next time…., happy daydreaming about your next redecorating project.

If you liked this post, come check out the related moodboard post for the master bedroom.


19 thoughts on “Room and ‘Bored’

  1. Wow!! You should really be a designer. Your home is beautiful and you have so many great ideas. I love the pictures of your old Master Bedroom as well. I know that you like the autumn palatte. Have you thought of going lighter since the room is smaller? Not that I know to much about design!! Good luck with making the changes and I cannot wait to more photos!

    • Thank you, Jenn. You are too kind. This room is definitely NOT my pride and joy. I’d like to make something nicer for me, my husband, and so I don’t feel the need to shut the door whenever someone visits.

  2. christinakelly233018943 says:

    First of all. Welcome back! So happy to see your posts again! 🙂

    I know exactly what kind of wood trim you have.. It was everywhere in my dad’s 1970 ranch. I definitely say paint it forstarters. If nothing else, that will make a huge change for little cost.

    I know you have a great eye and will make the room beautiful. I’m with you.. Lots of ideas, limited funds. I think you have the right idea in tackling one room.. One project at a time.

    Can’t wait to see its progress over time!!!!

    • Thank you, Christina. I appreciate the ‘go get ’em girl’ attitude that you foster in me. 🙂 That said, I can’t stop singing the “Welcome Back Kotter” theme song in my head, thanks to your opening sentence. 😉 I need to get out more.

  3. Suzz says:

    Looking forward to what you come up with. Two comments in the meantime:

    1 – I read the very beginning of your post and thought, “Do you ever stand in front of your closet and hate everything you own [to wear]? YES.

    2 – I really like the color of your bedroom furniture!

  4. Paint the trim. Really. It seems that certain colors only “go” with certain wood tones. Wood is not always a neutral when it has an odd finish. At the very least, you’ll have more options. From this time last year our master bedroom looks completely different. While a few finishing touches remain unfinished, it was all achieved with very little funds. I also agree that a lighter wall color would do wonders for the space. Good luck!

  5. This is a tricky one! I understand your dilemma in trying to make do with the cards you were dealt (the trim, the windows, the layout, etc.), but I suppose I’d echo the previous commenters’ sentiments in that paint could work wonders (for the trim and even the furniture).

    I’m really getting into the look of weathered / distressed furniture, so my first thought was to white-wash paint your bed, dresser, trim…and sand it to distress it (but this is more OUR style and perhaps not yours).

    Nevertheless, I think paint will be your most inexpensive option for a major overhaul. The key is choosing a color you love. If your instinct is to go darker, follow it! Or even one accent wall (though perhaps not the orange of old) could make a nice impact.

    And maybe try to take a step back and look at this as an outsider might (not as someone who sleeps in this bedroom every night). What advice would you give yourself? I know sometimes I need to mentally remove myself from a design choice before I can really see what needs to be done. Looking forward to seeing your MOODBOARD for this room. I know it’ll turn out great!

    • Thank you, Lauren. I have thought about painting the two large dressers since day one that we inherited them from my in-laws. The matching night stand is currently in Roman’s room and painted ‘colonial’ red. I’ve always wanted to see the large dressers go a distressed black. Thank you for the input!

  6. Not sure if this is what you meant when you said paint the trim, but I would paint all the wood elements (trim around the window, the closet doors, etc.). Then I would stand back and reassess cause I think that would completely change the feel of the room and give you more freedom to explore your ideas. I am so totally with you on the autumnal colors! Once all the bright springy colors come out, I know I am done buying home decoration until fall comes around again. Looking forward to seeing the progression. Your last bedroom was so put together—I know you’ll bring this one up to version 3.0!

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m with you. I’m thinking painting the trim may actually make me fall in love with the color I have again. If not, I know that choosing a color will be made much easier if the trim is neutralized. And yes, by trim, I meant ALL of the wood elements in the room.

  7. Christa says:

    Saw this photo:

    and it reminded me of your master bedroom windows.
    I know you can turn it into something beautiful.

    • Thanks for thinking of me! Yes, that is sort of what I have going on. I made a few changes since the photos I showed were taken. That bedroom is beautiful, but I don’t think the blue would work for me (although I do have bedding that would match). I’ll need to take an updated photo and share. You are definitely helping me. Thanks!

  8. The Wangs says:

    For your dressers I thought this might be a great diy – from Design sponge:

  9. […] I shamelessly showed you my no-style, hum-drum, boring master bedroom last week, I’ve been busy daydreaming what my ‘finished’ master bedroom would […]

  10. Piece of Pie and a Dash of DIY says:

    This is exactly how I felt about our master bedroom! We’ve lived in this house for five years and between redecorating the main spaces and the kids’ room, it took that long to get to ours!! BUT I am happy to say that our room is now finished and I will be doing a post on it soon! It had white walls and mirrored closet doors!! ughhh! So glad it’s done! I love it!! Hope you get the room you want soon!! 🙂

  11. […] well you can check out my baby steps here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and oh here.  Yeah, those should keep you […]

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