Moodboard Monday: ‘Babe’ Ruth’s Dog, Skip


November 19, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Good Monday, all!

I know the post title is a bit of a stretch, but trust me, it all makes sense in my head.

I have a friend, Julie, that is expecting her second child.

She was recently informed that she will be welcoming her first son to the world.

How exciting!

Of course, I needed a moodboard in honor of this glorious event.

Before we get started, allow me to remind you of my self-imposed moodboard rules.  Only the following items may be used in creating the moodboard:

  1. paint
  2. free items
  3. items found on my local Craigslist (remember to click the images to be directly linked to the Craigslist ads!)
  4. a pinch of imagination and diy craftiness!

I vaguely remember seeing a sports theme mentioned on Julie’s facebook page.

Also, Julie and I have a fondness for the movie “My Dog Skip”.

It is a heart-warming movie about a boy and his dog.

Here is a sad, but sweet clip from the movie.

Sorry, to be such a ‘Debbie Downer’, but it really is a great movie and I truly adore the young boy’s room.  I was channeling the vintage, collegiate vibe, not the ‘hey, my dog and best friend just passed away’ vibe. So, here is the moodboard that was created from the above influences:

I knew I wanted a well-worn, traditional look.

Sort of like an old, baseball glove, or a true pigskin football.

I deviated from my usual selection of Behr paints and decided upon

Ralph Lauren’s suede finish in ‘Yellowstone’.

Ralph Lauren’s suede finish. Isn’t it cozy like an old sweater? I like this green color as well, but I’d stick with the yellow/gold ‘Yellowstone’.

Next, the furniture:

A classic, craftsman style crib in a dark wood stain*. $100 (posting now expired)

*Remember, safety first when purchasing a used crib.  Always do your homework.

A NEW crib mattress, still in the plastic! $40

Another classic piece, the two tiered changing table in a warm, wood tone. $50

A two-toned, wood, armoire. Perfect for storing all of the baby items and the lower drawers are great for when the little guy starts to be more independent. $100 (posting expired)

A super comfy, soft glider/rocker in a beautiful blue-green. $100

Cream side table that has a chipped paint finish. (I’d seal with a clear coat, just to be safe.) $20

A wee, little, child-sized, side chair. Great place to perch teddy or for the young lad as he grows to read books. $8

As you can see, none of the furniture pieces match in color, style, or even era.  That is the beauty of this room, it is time-tested and collected.  Full of hand-me-downs and family heirlooms.  A room constructed from treasures acquired from multiple generations and time periods.  I like the eclectic, but historic, feel and look of these items.

Now, for some lighting, textiles, and decor:

For some warmth underfoot, this rugby-inspired striped rug.

I love the assortment of earthy hues. This is a great rug for a child’s room in that it has so many possibilities and is a low pile, perfect for playing with cars and trucks. $50

Long curtain panels for the windows. I like the touch of the earthy green (as found in the rug) at the top with the plaid-like sheers on the remainder of the panels. $15

3 piece bedding set for the crib. I like the mix of the tan, cream, navy blue, and red, as accent colors to the earthy room. Also, the bedding is a mix of sports. $40

The bumper.

The sheet.

The quilt.

A second bedding set.  If you have ever had a child, you know why.

Same sports theme and earthy colors with accents of navy blue and red. $25

Look, it even has its very own ‘Skip’.


A tall lamp with a lighted base. Perfect base light to serve as a nightlight when checking on baby multiple times a night. $45

Quaint, white lamp for the changing table or at the chair’s side on the end table. $10

Okay, this one is bit self-serving, as I attended the University of Maryland (Baltimore County). Still, this echos the collegiate and vintage undertones of the room. $15

Some fun accessories that incorporate the accent colors, vintage vibe, and sport theme:

A baseball themed art piece. $15

Vintage pennants. These would look great placed in a gallery style format or banded together as a banner draped across the wall. $25

Sports themed wall pegs. $20

Child-sized lacrosse stick. If you didn’t know, lacrosse is huge here in Maryland. I thought it was appropriate, regionally, as well as practically.

So, does the post title make anymore sense yet?  I figured that Babe Ruth is an excellent Baltimore baseball reference (go Orioles!) and well the movie ‘My Dog Skip’ is peppered with vintage decor and childhood sports.  Not to mention, the young lad in the movie eventually grows up to attend Oxford and becomes a Rhode Scholar. So, there’s my brain.

‘Babe’ Ruth’s Dog, Skip Budget Breakdown:

  • one gallon of Ralph Lauren’s suede finish paint in ‘Yellowstone’ – $50
  • crib – $100
  • crib mattress – $40
  • changing table – $50
  • armoire – $100
  • glider/rocker – $100
  • side table – $20
  • child-sized, red, side chair – $8
  • 8′ x 11′ striped area rug – $50
  • curtain panels – $15
  • sports crib bedding – $40
  • doggy sports crib bedding – $25
  • tall lamp – $45
  • white, table lamp – $10
  • University of Maryland side lamp – $15
  • baseball themed wall plaque – $15
  • vintage pennants – $25
  • sports themed wall pegs – $20
  • child-sized lacrosse stick – $3

Budget total: $781

Until next time…, happy Craigslisting!


4 thoughts on “Moodboard Monday: ‘Babe’ Ruth’s Dog, Skip

  1. I look forward to Mondays for these boards! Love those vintage pennants and that two-toned armoire. Home run for Christine! (sorry…I had to) 🙂

  2. You have the most creative titles…truly.

    Love the wee child-sized chair. I only wish it were adult sized!

  3. Christa says:

    You find the neatest pieces of furniture on craigslist. Love the changing table with the glass door, and the two toned armoire. Great job designing.

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