Moodboard Monday: Guest Room In Paradise


November 12, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Happy Monday!

Today’s moodboard was spawned from some blog loving.  Christina, of Floridays Mom, and I met via our blogs.  One thing lead to another and before we knew it, I was proposing a moodboard for her striped guest room.

Here is Christina’s guest room as it is today:

Aren’t her freshly painted stripes lovely? (Click image to view Christina’s post and tutorial.)

Neutral wall color and pastel bedding in hues of cream, aqua, and sage.

Stripes are not only on the focal wall behind the bed, but also along the entrance wall. (Pssst, note her deep blue side table. She a tutorial for that, too!)

The room is very nice, but quite plain.  Christina gave me the following loose criteria to help me piece together a look from Craigslist for her guest room.

…if you truly want to take a
go at it… check out my site you can see I just did those stripes in
my guest room and the room is otherwise pretty bare. I want to keep it
pretty neutral with a soft shabby chic look.  Thinking of maybe
putting an ottoman on the opposite wall, maybe some mirrors above the
end tables, some plates above the bed??  I have “ideas” but nothing
set in stone.  If you are TRULY looking for a little blog my guest.  I’d LOVE to see what you come up with.  🙂

So, did you catch that?

  1. Neutral, soft, shabby-chic look
  2. Ottoman at opposite wall
  3. Mirrors above the end tables
  4. Maybe plates above the bed?

Okay, so here are some more pieces of inspiration I gleamed from Christina’s own Guest Room pins:

  1. She likes patterned rugs
  2. An ottoman or some other seating/surface at the end of bed
  3. Gallery wall
  4. Although she said neutral/shabby chic, she pins pops of color like coral and aqua (exactly what I was thinking before even viewing her board)
  5. Drapes and shades combination or fabric shade

I also took a peek at her Living Room Pins, to get a feel for her entire house vision.  I wouldn’t want her guest bedroom to clash would I?  This image caught my attention, as the same scheme was in my mind’s eye and I think it sums up her intended color palette and style.

Note the aqua and coral mixed with white/cream and the gallery wall?

So, without further ado, here is Christina’s ‘Guest Room In Paradise’ Moodboard:

“Guest Room In Paradise” Mooboard in neutral hues with touches of coral and aqua

Okay, let’s break it down!

Firstly, I used Christina’s local Orlando Craigslist, not my local Baltimore Craigslist.

Makes sense, right?

Secondly, Christina has great lamps and side tables, so I didn’t see the point in replacing or changing them.  Also, her bedding looks lovely, so again, no need to remove/change.

I focused on adding storage, seating, and accessories.  Through these additions, I also added the accent colors of aqua and coral.  As I go through the space, I am going to make suggestions for full on color, but Christina can certainly dial-down the notch to her comfort level.  My thought with guest bedrooms is to make them comforting as an extension of your home, but also somewhat fun.

I have two options for rugs.  One is aqua and one is coral.  The aqua is also more modern and graphic, while the coral is more asian and traditional.

Aqua trellis patterned rug, 4×6 $99 (brand new)

Coral/peach traditional asian-themed rug, 8×11 $150

Next, I added in seating:

Pair of chairs in coral bird fabric $195

White, leather, storage ottoman $75

A little table for the additional seating:

Coral side table to nestle between chairs $90

I don’t know if Christina needs additional storage in the way of a dresser, or if the guest room has space, but this would be a stylish addition. $200

Window treatments:

Taking my cue from the aqua and sage bedding, two off-white shower curtains with sage embroidery would soften the window. $10

Or, if Christina really wanted to turn up the color, she could go full on with these turquoise curtains:

Turquoise curtains serve as a more punch-y choice for the windows. $10

Regardless of Christina’s choice, I’d pair the curtains with a bamboo, roman shade:

Faux bamboo roman shades $25 (dependent upon window size)

Moving to the bed and leaving the current bedding in place,

I’d add these pieces to punch up the color and pattern:

Duvet cover to park at the end of the bed or cover the entire bed whilst the existing comforter/quilt is folded at the end of the bed. It would help bring the ‘coral’ to the bed. $20

Accent pillow for bed $5

As per Christina’s request, mirrors for behind each night stand/end table:

Mosaic mirrors that visually extend the height of the room and provide an optical illusion by reflecting light from the window and end table lamps. $60 each

Although Christina requested plates for above the bed,

the Craigslist gods were not cooperating.

I did manage to find these interesting pieces:

Two metal, ornamental pieces.  They could be hung side by side, as shown, or each adjacent at an angle to create diamond shapes. $30


Sand dollar lamp (not the other items)

Gold wire bird cage.  This could be used on a table top or hung in a corner. (Could even be fashioned into a light.) $8

Wall star. This could be changed out with other items and hung over the bed, over the seating area, or arranged on the entrance wall. The possibilities with this are endless. $20

Another circular, accent mirror that could be placed anywhere in the room. $20 (guesstimate)

Artwork:  All of the below artwork is along the spectrum of nice to tacky/out-dated, but together they would create a kitch-y gallery wall. Again, this gallery wall could be placed almost anywhere in the room.  It really depends where Christina wants the impact of a gallery wall to be seen.  My vote would be the entrance wall hung in a vertical arrangement from floor to ceiling.



A little outdated, but adjacent to the others in placed in a thoughtful, stylish way, they could become more of a treat. $20

Assortment of botanical prints $30 (price varies dependent upon print)

All of the above artwork could be left as-is, or a combination of the frames, and/or mats could be painted in the accent colors of coral and/or aqua.  Painting frames, or even mats, would give the outdated artwork a new life and provide a fresh take to the standard home decor.  I would suggest the below colors in small, sample pots:

Behr’s ‘Ruffles’

Behr’s ‘Balmy Seas’

The exception would be the below faux bamboo frames which should most definitely be painted in either accent color.  I wouldn’t use these as artwork as much as decorative coasters for the night stands.  After all, your guest just may want a drink of water before bedtime.  The frames could be filled with most anything.  A sign that says welcome.  A list of common television channels to assist your guest in feeling at home.  A song verse that is appropriate, etc….

At this point, I usually provide the moodboard breakdown, but today, I will just provide the total as there are too many variable prices and ‘either or’ selections that would make a budget breakdown complicated.  That said, if all of the above were to be obtained via Craigslist, the estimated total is: $1,172.  Of course, the real total, after selections have been pared-down would be closer to half, or $600.

I hope you have enjoyed this guest room in paradise.  And mostly, Christina, I hope that I have done your vision justice and quite possibly given you a few items to stalk on Craigslist.

Until next time…, happy Craigslisting!


6 thoughts on “Moodboard Monday: Guest Room In Paradise

  1. floridaysmom says:

    How fun is this!!! Definitely some fun pieces to check out on there. I have since ditched the bedding and went with even MORE neutral bedding so the room really is a blank canvas now! Ha! Loving that trellis rug!!! what a fab find!! I never thought of coral…kind of fun. That little end table has my mind spinning..wish I could squeeze it in that room, maybe somewhere else? I do however, have room for that ottoman..may have to may a call on that one and those mirrors are perfect. Thanks so much Christine..this was super fun!

    • Well, the mirrors are a cheat. I think it may be the same one listed twice, but who knows. Sometimes people really do have two of the same thing and list them separately without linking the two. Good luck to you. I love the coral side table. Although, after the great job you did on your tables, you could find a inexpensive table and paint it the perfect ‘coral’ for your room, or elsewhere.

      Thanks for being my guinea pig!

    • Oh, feel free to ‘reblog’ it!

  2. Woah! That is super cool of you to do. It’s always so much easier to analyze and come up with ideas for a space that’s not your own, isn’t it? Or maybe that’s just me! Very neat idea : ]

  3. I think you need your own show on HGTV. Seriously, you’ve got design skills! And as someone who lives in Orlando, I’m reminded by how many treasures you can find on Craigslist! Thanks, girl.

  4. Christa says:

    Great suggestions. Love the pop of colors paired with neutrals. And the craigslist finds are anything but boring.

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