Mad for Plaid!


November 7, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Such an original title, no?  Well, my other thought was “Ooh, ooh…., ooh, ooh, oooooh, I’ve Got a New Plaid-i-tude!”  Moving on….

Whilst doing my usual Craigslist cruising, I have noticed a trend.  Well, maybe the end of a trend, but to me it sparked something.  I have spotted many a listing for inexpensive, or even free, plaid, upholstery items.  I know plaid upholstery is fashionable with those that have a more country aesthetic, but I distinctly remember it being en vogue during the 1990’s and in the early 2000’s (remember grunge?).  So it stands to reason that many of those plaid, upholstery items are being given the boot.  It is 2012, after all.

Plaid has always had a special place in my heart.  Back in the day, it was quite common for me to wear plaid, flannel skirts, even though I have never set foot in a Catholic school, much less wore a uniform to school. And yes, I said sKirt, not sHirt.  I remember the ‘grunge’ phase, but I wasn’t really a part of it.  More recently, I have incorporated plaid (and argyle) into my son’s current nursery.  So, the post title stands, as I am Mad for Plaid.

Here are few plaid goodies I have found on my local Criagslist.  You decide.  Is plaid an everlasting, classic or just a passing trend that only a few of us covet in small doses?

Upholstered Items:

(As usual, click the image to be linked to the Craigslist ad.)

$30 for two upholstered, easy chairs on casters and an ottoman. Even if you abhor plaid, these are a great buy. You just need a great imagination to work them into your decor or inexpensive slipcovers!

(The above’s mate.)

$14 Not going to lie, I’ve been thinking about this little guy for a few months now. It would look great in Ascher’s nursery.

This is unconventional, but on its own level of ultra-cool. I’d drive it!


(As usual, click the image to be linked to the Craigslist ad.)

“Ralphie, wait up!”

($33 for 11 pairs of size 11/12 boys’ shorts. Good deal.)

Not really apparel, but you get the idea.

Decor and Housewares:

(As usual, click the image to be linked to the Craigslist ad.)

(Drooling here….)

This is just too precious. I remember once hearing my sister-in-law state that her daughter (whom shares a room with her older brother) would love to have a pink and yellow room. Wouldn’t this lamp be perfect for my niece’s ‘one day’ room?

I saved the best for last.  It is a bit pricey, but I am seriously swooning over these items.  This is probably the most classy way to incorporate plaid into one’s home (wish they were mine).

So, what are your thoughts regarding plaid?  Is it something you currently own, can’t live without, wear it but don’t decorate with it?

Let me know.

Are you mad for plaid?


5 thoughts on “Mad for Plaid!

  1. Hey Christine!! I just nominated your site for the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my site for details. 🙂

  2. Suzz says:

    My husband Aaron love plaid, or more specifically, checks and blocks on his shirts. While I don’t loathe them, I don’t care for them … knowing this, Aaron wore his favorite shirt, which he knew I didn’t care for, when he proposed so that I would associate it with a happy memory … it TOTALLY WORKED, the Stinker! Everytime he wears that shirt (yes, he still has it 8 year later), I have a warm-I-Love-That-Shirt feeling. Too funny!

  3. fitsakie says:

    If I had to choose a plaid upholstery for my furniture for sure it wouldn’t be in the whole surface but in a part of it. I could choose it for my clothes with pleasure. Thank you for commenting too!

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