Moodboard Monday: “She Blinded Me With Science”


November 5, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Earlier today I shared with you my “Craigslist Hunting” BBT Style moodboard.  I had recently read this article, was smitten with the below chalkboard, and immediately knew I had to create a moodboard, or two.

Blackboards of the Quantum Physics department.

Since I already shared with you how I would decorate a teenage boy’s science themed room, I also wanted to share the same, but for a girl.

After all, I’m a girl and I love science and all things geeky.

Before we get started, allow me to remind you of my self-imposed moodboard rules.  Only the following items may be used in creating the moodboard:

  1. paint
  2. free items
  3. items found on my local Craigslist (remember to click the images to be directly linked to the Craigslist ads!)
  4. a pinch of imagination and diy craftiness!

Here is my girly version that was spawned from the quantum physics blackboard:

“She Blinded Me With Science” moodboard.

As with the guy’s version of this theme, I envision a large, attic loft that has room for sleeping, studying, and hanging with friends.

First, I started with this wall color:

Behr’s ‘December Eve’

And this rug…

Gray and white 7’7″ x 7’7″ gray and white rug – $200. Bonus – the round shapes mimic viruses. Pretty science-y, eh?

And then, these drapes…

Slate colored, grommet drapes – $25

And some funky pillows to tie in the navy blue, gray, and white color scheme.

Four funky pillows in the mix. $4

And another funky pillow made from a pair of pink, plaid shorts. Sewing + stuffing = new, unconventional, accent pillow. $3 (This also introduces my ‘hot’ pink accent color to which I will refer again later.)

Filling out the room with an eclectic, fun mix of furniture was easy.

White daybed with trundle drawers – $200

Of course, a bed needs bedding…

Full/queen duvet cover to introduce our accent color – ‘hot’ pink. Yes, the bed is twin, but you can make a larger set work on a twin sized. I have done it before, just some tucking and pinning. $50

Matching sheets included in the duvet set.

Side table used as night stand: $5

White and gold dresser: $30. Notice that it is missing a knob? Easy fix. Move the center knob, sans the key chain pull, install in far right drawer hole, find an odd knob for the center. It doesn’t need to match, just coordinate!

A silver, faux bamboo mirror to hang above the dresser. $20 (Sorry, this posting has already been deleted.)

More furniture for hanging out and studying…

A simple, Ikea couch with a colorful, funky slipcover. $50 (sorry, already deleted by author)

A Lane, cedar chest for a coffee table with plenty of storage. $80

Four swivel chairs on casters and a round table. $60 Perfect for study sessions, board games, etc…

The back of the chair. A gray faux bois pattern.

And what science/mathematical-minded girl wouldn’t want a drafting table?

Drafting table with lots of storage. $75

I would paint the exterior of the drafting table this deep gray, Behr’s ‘Milestone’. (except the laminate top)

I’d spray paint the interior of the drafting table, and the cubbies, this bright pink. Rustoleum’s ‘Gloss Berry Pink’.

Bright pink, swivel, desk chair on casters. $10 (If the pink color clashed with the drafting table, the pink chair portion could be spray painted in the same ‘Berry Pink’ as the drafting table’s interior.)

And of course, the necessary blackboard.

Traditional, but unconventional, blackboard door to be hung horizontally on the wall. (Sorry, posting deleted by author.) $20

Some lighting…

Wooden, standing lamp, to be painted in the ‘Berry Pink’. $20 (Sorry, posting deleted by author.)

Another standing lamp. Base to also be painted in ‘Berry Pink’. $30

Table lamp. $7

Table lamp. $35

In a perfect world, I’d add drum shades to the above lamps.  But alas, I was unable to find drum shades meeting my requirements via Craigslist.

And now, for the fun accessories…

Telescope $25

Vintage, atomic age, drinking glasses. $8 To be used as pencil/pen holders.

Chemist’s beakers. $20 Could be used for intended purpose or as storage for small parts. Could even be used as planters on the window sill.

Molecular model set. $40

Kids’ weather station. $5

Vintage microscope. $40

Globe. $60 (Sorry, already gone.)

Nine science books. $5 (Come on, they are fun!)

More science books. $25

And finally, some artwork…

A ‘hot’ pink, cassette tape tee-shirt to be framed as artwork. $3

An image found via an internet search. One could recreate this with the pink spray paint and a sharpie on a scrap pice of cardboard, wood, foam board, etc…. Super easy, cheap and fun. (Again, homage to Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory”) $5

“She Blinded Me With Science” Budget Breakdown:

  • One gallon of Behr’s ‘December Eve’ – $35
  • One quart of Behr’s ‘Milestone’ – $15
  • One can of Rustoleum’s ‘Berry Pink’ spray paint – $4
  • Gray and white rug – $200
  • Slate colored drapes – $25
  • Four accent pillows – $4
  • DIY pillow from shorts – $5 (adding $2 for stuffing)
  • White daybed with trundle drawers – $200
  • Duvet cover and sheets – $50
  • End table/night stand – $5
  • White dresser – $30
  • Faux bamboo mirror – $20
  • Ikea couch with slipcover – $50
  • Lane, cedar storage chest – $80
  • Four swivel chairs on casters and round table – $60
  • Drafting table – $75
  • Pink, swivel, desk chair – $10
  • Chalkboard door – $20
  • Standing lamp with table – $20
  • Standing reading lamp – $30
  • Table lamp, tall – $7
  • Table lamp, short – $35
  • Telescope – $25
  • Vintage, atomic age glasses – $8
  • Chemistry beakers/flasks – $20 (guesstimate)
  • Molecular model – $40
  • Kids’ Weather Station – $5
  • Vintage microscope – $40
  • Pottery Barn globe – $60
  • Science books – $5
  • Space books – $25
  • ‘Hot’ pink, cassette tape tee-shirt – $3
  • DIY “Soft Kitty, warm kitty…” artwork – $5 (guesstimate)

Total Budget: $1,216.00

Okay, so apparently being a nerdy girl is even more expensive than a nerdy boy.  Admittedly, I went super overboard with science accessories on this one.  I couldn’t help myself.  Certainly, one could eliminate some of the books and lamps to reduce the overall budget.  Also, I added a couch and coffee table, which I did not do in the boy’s science room.

Until next time…, happy Craigslisting!

3 thoughts on “Moodboard Monday: “She Blinded Me With Science”

  1. Ahh. I want that white and gold dresser, too bad your listings aren’t for my local area. Feel free to do a mood board in Orlando anytime..I love your finds!!! 🙂

  2. Decorum DIY says:

    Tempting…. Thanks for your kind words. I feel silly doing these moodboards, but my mind conjures these things up and I need to express my thoughts/ideas, or I would just go mad. 🙂

  3. Such a great color palette and accessories! You’ve coordinated everything very nicely!

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