Moodboard Monday: “Craigslist Hunting” BBT Style


November 5, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Good Monday, all!  I took a week-long hiatus.  So sorry, if you missed me, but I have been one busy and tired girl.  In the next few days, I’ll share some of the things that have been keeping me busy.

Back to today’s post: a moodboard inspired by the crazy, mathematical ramblings (well, quantum mechanics, actually) of a genius brain on a blackboard a la “Good Will Hunting” and “Big Bang Theory” (also known as BBT).  I recently read this article and was smitten with this chalkboard:

Blackboards of the Quantum Physics department.

My nerdy senses are tingling, aren’t yours?

So, what is a decor obsessed nerd to do with this information?

Well, create a moodboard of course!

Before we get started, allow me to remind you of my self-imposed moodboard rules.  Only the following items may be used in creating the moodboard:

  1. paint
  2. free items
  3. items found on my local Craigslist (remember to click the images to be directly linked to the Craigslist ads!)
  4. a pinch imagination and diy craftiness!

Here is what my geeky, little mind has envisioned:

“Craigslist Hunting” BBT Style Moodboard (Click image to be linked to Olioboard to shop this look.)

This bedroom has everything a science-obsessed teenager needs.

This particular room is for a boy, but don’t worry, I’ll be sharing my girl’s version with you later.

 So, let’s break it down show our work!

Firstly, I decided that the room should have an eclectic, vintage vibe.

Think a 1960’s school’s physics lab.  Also, I felt a strong pull to the color green.

Here is the paint color I chose:

Behr’s ‘Boston Fern’ (Pretty interesting that we are talking ‘quantum physics’ and Boston is one of the meccas for scientific education/endeavors.)

Next layer is the room’s rug:

13′ x 9′ traditional, green rug: $125

After choosing the paint and finding the rug, I knew I needed more textiles in the way of draperies.

I like these panels for both the color scheme, mix of pattern against the scrolled, traditional rug, and the ‘geek chic’ plaid:

Several panels of plaid drapes, valance, and drapery hardware: $100

Next up, the furniture.

I, for some reason, saw this room as an expansive attic space. Sort of a mad-scientist-in-the-making’s lair.

I piled in the furniture goodies.

A wood bed and matching hutch: $50

Twin-sized comforter for bed : $25

Fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow cases with a solar system theme :$20 (posting expired)

The remainder of the solar system sheets included with the expired listing above.

Some ‘geeky chic’ argyle sweaters…, s-w-o-o-n! Of course, a nerdilicious person could wear these, but I’d prefer that they be transformed as pillow covers.: $10

Matching hutch – sorry, posting has expired. 😦

A side table to be used as a night stand:

MCM end table: $40

Just what every nerdling needs, a drafting table with industrial light – $75

Industrial, drafting stool : $60 (posting has expired)

And the room’s essential for reaching  ‘epic level’ nerdom:

Four chairs and round table for study sessions and role play games: $30

The ’round’ table.

Now, for some fun accessories!

Dungeons and Dragons, anyone? : $50

A true slate blackboard : $25

No blackboard slate would be complete without these lovely chalk etchings duplicated for some nerdy flair. (Free)

Science fiction magazine collection : $40

Six rare records that include: Star Trek, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, etc…: $100 (posting already deleted 😥 )

Telescope: $55

Two beakers to be used for their intended purpose or as pencil/pen holders: $10

1964 Lighted Globe: $60

Vintage desk lamp: $15

Lighted Magnifier – perfect for inspecting insects or constructing miniature models: $45

“Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” tee-shirt – could be worn or placed in a frame and hung as art work (homage to Sheldon)- $14

A slew of free printables from Vintage Printables : FREE (All topics and subjects provided. For this room, I would choose different science discipline images and use as artwork.)

“Craigslist Hunting” BBT Style Budget Breakdown:

  • one gallon of Behr’s ‘Bostern Fern’ paint – $35
  • 13′ x 9′ rug – $125
  • drapery and hardware – $100
  • twin bed and hutch – $50
  • twin-sized comforter – $25
  • sheet sets – $20
  • argyle sweaters (for pillow covers) – $10
  • mcm side table/night stand – $40
  • drafting table and lamp – $75
  • industrial stool – $60
  • four chairs and round table – $30
  • ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ – $50
  • real slate blackboard – $25
  • science fiction magazine collection – $40
  • six rare science fiction record collection – $100
  • telescope – $55
  • beakers – $10
  • 1964 lighted globe – $60
  • vintage desk lamp – $15
  • lighted magnifier – $45
  • “Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty” tee-shirt (for artwork) – $14
  • artwork from Vintage Printables – FREE

Total budget: $984.00

Wow!  Being a nerd is expensive!  To be honest, I have a soft spot in my heart (and head) for nerdiness.  I’m not smart enough to be a nerd myself, but I really do enjoy all of the geeky goodness.  Because of my affinity for such nerdy things, I really loaded up on the expensive nerd accessories.  I couldn’t help myself!

I hope you have enjoyed this exploration of my “Craigslist Hunting” BBT Style bedroom, as inspired by a series of quantum mechanics’ blackboards.

Until next time…, happy Craigslisting!


One thought on “Moodboard Monday: “Craigslist Hunting” BBT Style

  1. […] today I shared with you my “Craigslist Hunting” BBT Style moodboard.  I had recently read this article, was smitten with the below chalkboard, and […]

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