Moodboard Monday (II): Move Over Sandy, There’s A New Pink Lady


October 29, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Ha!  Two Moodboards this Monday AND two references in the post title:  one for hurricane Sandy and one for “Grease”!  (I am such a dork.)

Well, earlier today I shared with you my moodboard for a family friend’s daughter, ‘Z’, wherein I created a beachy, bohemian-chic bedroom.

Before we get started, allow me to remind you of my self-imposed moodboard rules.  Only the following items may be used in creating the moodboard:

  1. paint
  2. free items
  3. items found on my local Craigslist (remember to click the images to be directly linked to the Craigslist ads!)
  4. tons of imagination and diy craftiness!

‘Z’ ‘s younger sister, ‘J’, also has a new room.  ‘J’ ‘s room has been painted an ever-so-lovely pink.

‘J’ ‘s pinkalicious room.

I approximated the color to be Behr’s ‘Pink Punch’.

Behr’s ‘Pink Punch’
(Not the color used by ‘J’, but close.)

Based upon ‘J’ ‘s color choice and overall sweet demeanor, I came up with this:

‘J’ ‘s Pinky Tween Grandma Chic room via Olioboard. (Click the above photo to visit the Olioboard room and shop this look.)

Much like ‘Z’ ‘s room, I started with pairing the bedding to the wall color.  I found this sweet set:

$40: Shabby Chic (Target) beautiful reversible twin duvet cover, sham, and two matching balloon curtains. Soft blue with flowers on one side and white with small flowers on the other.

It’s reversible!

Close up of the floral pattern. A perfect mix of light blues, pinks, greens, with a splash of a darker pink, or cerise.

Two coordinating balloon valances that pick up on the pattern of the reverse side of the duvet cover.

Next, I found this adorable twin-sized bedroom set.  I would have preferred a full-sized set, but ‘J’ ‘s room looks to be quite a bit smaller than ‘Z’ ‘s room.  This french provincial set contains a dresser with mirror, desk with chair, nightstand, and two twin head boards.

$200 : Six-drawer dresser with mirror, desk with chair, a night stand/end table, and two, twin head boards.

four-drawer desk

desk chair: I would actually cover the seat with the spare balloon valance fabric that is part of the bedding set.

night stand/end table

The above french provincial set is a soft, buttery yellow with a faint, floral embellishment on the drawer fronts. (Sorry, this set is already gone, but this type of furniture is often available.)  That said, I don’t think it is necessary to paint this set, although one could, but I do think it would be interesting to paint only the two head boards a deep aqua and use both head boards together to create a daybed.  Configuring the head boards in this manner would allow more space in ‘J’ ‘s room and give her more furniture arrangement options.

I would paint the head boards in Behr’s ‘Surfer’.

Behr’s ‘Surfer’

The head boards would look something like this:

Example of what the twin head boards, used as daybed ends, could look like.  If you wanted to be really funky, one could also paint the desk chair in this hue to further the mis-matched, collected look. This photo courtesy of European Paint Finishes’ Blog. (Please be sure to click the above photo to view the original content.)

As with ‘Z’ ‘s room, I’d like to see the current lighting fixture (which I assume to be a ceiling fan) replaced with this girly chandelier:

$75: Five-light, crystal chandelier. So feminine and sweet.

$15: Five ‘brand new’ chandelier lamp shades still in original packaging. These could be left as is, or painted with one of the room’s accent colors. Or even covered with leftover fabric from the balloon shade/chair project.

I assume that ‘J’ ‘s room has a ceiling fan, so if replacing it wasn’t an option, I would actually suggest that the ceiling fan take a bolder revamp than ‘Z’ ‘s ceiling fan using a spray coat of the above mentioned ‘Surfer’ by Behr.  It is bold, but I think it would help bring the room’s colors together.  I would paint the fan’s blades in the room’s trim color (ivory/white).

Moving from the ceiling to the floor….

Again, I found this rug AFTER the above was chosen.  The Craigslist gods were smiling upon me this day.  I realize that ‘J’ ‘s room is carpeted, but I like the idea of layering an area rug over carpeting to add to the room’s cohesive look.

$200: 9′ x 12′ area rug.

The above area rug may be the entire footprint of ‘J’ ‘s room, or quite possibly larger. If it is larger, I would suggest having the rug cut down to reduce its size and have it bound. I adore the asian vibe that this area rug has, but I don’t think trimming the border and binding the edges to accommodate ‘J’ ‘s room would interfere with the function nor feel of the area rug.

Onto the window coverings.  Given the smaller scale of ‘J’ ‘s room, it is inevitable that furniture, most likely the bed, will need to be positioned under the window.  Given that possibility, I thought it best to keep the window coverings small-scale and minimal.  Floor length drapes would work and look lovely, but furniture placement could hinder the functionality of drapes.  That said, I would pair the aforementioned balloon valance with simple, white, faux wood blinds.

balloon valance

$15: White, faux wood, 2″ blinds (4 available)

And now for accessories:

$20: Two task lamps  These incorporate all of the room’s colors and add a fun element to the room. A contrast to the grandma chic vibe going on in the bedding and area rug.

$10: 3 black frames (yes 3, according to the ad). These could be painted in an accent color to add to the room’s color scheme.

I would paint the above frames using a sample-sized container of Behr’s ‘Mulberry’.

This accent color could also be used to tie in any other accessories that ‘J’ may already have or obtain in future.

Behr’s ‘Mulberry’ – A bright, fun cerise pink.  This picks up on the accent color in the bedding and window coverings.

And, of course some more art work.

These are a little grandmotherly, but quite sweet and perfect for our color scheme.

I would leave the gold frames as-is, as they pick up on the gold accents on the french provincial furniture pieces.

$8: A pair of rose prints.

Pinky Tween Grandma Chic Bedroom Budget Breakdown:

  • one gallon of Behr’s ‘Pink Punch’ – $35
  • one quart of Behr’s ‘Surfer’ – $15
  • one sample size of Behr’s ‘Mulberry’ – $5
  • Shabby Chic twin bedding and window treatments $40
  • twin-sized, french provincial bedroom set – $200
  • crystal-like chandelier – $75 (Or in the alternative, paint the ceiling fan with accent paint. [no additional cost, as paint was accounted for in the above.])
  • five chandelier lamp shades – $15
  • 9′ x 12′ area rug – $200 (I have no idea how much it would cost to trim and bind, but I know it can be accomplished, should we add $75 for those anticipated costs?)
  • 2″ inch, faux wood blinds – $15
  • two task lamps – $20
  • 3 frames (to be painted) – $10
  • pair of rose prints – $8

Total Budget Breakdown: $713.00* (The budget would be much less, if we did not need to trim the area rug, nor replace the overhead lighting/ceiling fan.  The budget would then be: $563.00)

*  Since ‘J’ ‘s room is already painted, she does not need to factor in the $35 for one gallon of pink paint.

You may have noticed that this sweet room is almost the opposite color palette as her sister’s, ‘Z’ ‘s, room.  Below, the rooms are in succession, so that you may see the similarities.  I think the related color schemes help the house as a whole flow better when one room relates to the next.  Also, it will make it easier on ‘Z’ ‘s and ‘J’ ‘s parents, if many of the accessories can be swapped out from room to room.

‘Z’ ‘s room.

‘J’ ‘s room.

There you have it, two fabulously decorated and furnished rooms using only paint and items found on my local Craigslist.

If you would like me to create a moodboard for you, just send me a message or reply to this post.  Let me know what type of room, for whom, and a general color and/or theme.  I’ll see what I can do.  Until next time, happy painting AND Craigslisting!

If you like this post, please consider receiving my posts via e-mail (look for the e-mail sign-up in the upper right corner of this post)!

Until next time…, happy Craigslisting!


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  1. […] Be sure to also check out ‘Z’ ‘s younger sister’s room here. […]

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