Moodboard Monday: Catching Some Tween ‘Z’zzzz…


October 28, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope all is well for those expecting hurricane Sandy at your door.  Here in Maryland, we are bracing.  And by bracing for me, I mean imagining a tween’s beachy, bohemian chic bedroom before the power is no more.  So, it stands to reason that today I am sharing a moodboard for a certain tween that I know.

Before we get started, allow me to remind you of my self-imposed moodboard rules.  Only the following items may be used in creating the moodboard:

  1. paint
  2. free items
  3. items found on my local Craigslist (remember to click the images to be directly linked to the Craigslist ads!)
  4. tons of imagination and diy craftiness!

So, this tween I know, ‘Z’, and her parents and younger sister will be moving into a new home shortly.  ‘Z”s new room started out with a chair rail and a sandy tan color painted below the chair rail.  This past week, ‘Z”s mother and grandmother added a beautiful, aqua blue color above the chair rail. ‘Z”s room currently looks like this:

Great complimentary color! Good choice, ‘Z’!

Clearly, ‘Z’ is vying for a beachy theme.  This made my wheels start turning.  Immediately after seeing the above photo, I knew I needed to make a moodboard for ‘Z’.  First, I approximated the wall’s paint colors to be close to these:

Behr’s ‘River’s Edge’

Behr’s ‘Riviera Sand’

Using these colors and beachy theme as my guide, I came up with this:

‘Z’ ‘s Beachy, Bohemian Chic Tween Room:
NEW FEATURE! Click the above image to view the moodboard via Olioboard. The Olioboard website will also give you a complete list of my Craigslist sources and links!

The first thing I found was this wonderful, Bohemian-styled bed set:

$35: Twin/Full Set includes Comforter, 2 standard shams, 2 scarf curtains (used-good condition), and 2 decorative pillows, 1 decorative roll pillow (excellent condition), and Martha Stewart full flannel sheet set (new).

I just love the play of pattern and color in the above set.  It is really fun and full of possibilities.

Next, I found this solid, off-white, full-sized bedroom set:

$350: Full-sized bedroom set: headboard, footboard, side rails, bookcase unit, dresser, desk, and hutch. (Clearly this was used for a young boy, but I think it is just as useful for a young woman, if not more.)

The bookcase offers tons of storage.

A three-drawer dresser and desk with hutch – no chair.

The above furniture pieces are a steal at $350.  They look well-made and the full-sized bed is perfect to carry this young woman into her college-aged years (sorry ‘Z’ ‘s Mom, it will happen one day).  I would paint the blue accents on the bed a color-match to the bed’s creamy, ivory color.

As for a chair for the desk, I found this:

$20:  Pink, leather side chair.

Sadly, this chair posting has expired. That bums me out, because it makes me think the chair is still out there, somewhere, just waiting for me to rescue it. I know, I need help.  Oh, well, I thought this room could use a small splash of pink, but mostly, I love the shape/lines of the chair.

Filling out the room, I’ve added these adorable night stands/end tables.  And guess what?  They were already painted in an adorable, aqua blue!

$35/pair: Bummer alert, these beauties are already gone. 😦

The good news, one can always find these types of tables and paint them.  Actually, just in case the above tables weren’t the perfect aqua color, slightly darker than the wall color, I’d opt to paint them (or their replacements) in this slightly darker aqua hue:

Behr’s ‘Surfer’

I’d also add this lovely wicker chest at the end of ‘Z’ ‘s bed as additional storage and seating.  I don’t mind the traditional white wicker, but I think it would look marvelous painted in the same ‘Surfer’ color as the night stands/end tables.

$45: White wicker chest to be painted in Behr’s ‘Surfer’.

Currently there is a ceiling fan in the room.  If ‘Z’ was open to replacing it, I’d go for this elegantly simple chandelier.  The shades could be kept white or painted in one of the aqua hues.  If losing the ceiling fan was not an option, the fan blades could be painted out in the same color as the furniture and the metallic portion spray-painted white.  Easy fix!

$55: Simple chandelier. (If not, existing fan could be painted with the room’s new colors.)

Of course, ‘Z’ needs something underfoot.  I kid you not, I found this rug AFTER I had picked all of the above items.  The colors and style are spot on!  I think it adds a fresh, casual feel to the room, but with a sense of traditional roots.  A good way to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood.

$100: 8′ x 11′ rug

And of course, there are the window treatments to consider.  Since ‘Z’ is going for a beachy feel and we already have two pretty strong patterns in the room (bedding and rug), I opted for simple, white, grommet-top sheers and simple, beige roman shades on the windows.

$30: 2 @ $15 each – Beige, fabric, roman shades.
(Sorry, already gone.)

$30: 4 panels of sheer, floor-length, grommet-top panels.

And now for some fun, beachy accessories:

$5: Dandelion print that echos the room’s colors and theme.

$5: Leaf print. Same colors and style of the room.

$10: For both the wicker/reed bird and fish.

Beachy, Bohemian Chic Tween Room’s Budget:

  • one gallon of Behr’s ‘River’s Edge’ – $35
  • one gallon of Behr’s ‘Riviera Sand’ – $35
  • one quart of Behr’s ‘Surfer’ – $15
  • paint sample-sized paint color-matched to bed – $5
  • twin/full bedding set – $35
  • full-sized bedroom set – $350
  • pink leather desk chair – $20
  • pair of turquoise end tables – $35
  • white wicker chest – $45
  • new chandelier with shades – $55  (Or, in the alternative, painting the fan blades (paint sample color) and spray-painting the metallic fan’s parts – $8)
  • blue and tan 8′ x 11′ rug – $100
  • two roman, fabric shades – $30
  • four, white, grommet-top sheers – $30
  • Art/accessories – $20

Budget total:  $810.00*  ($763.00, if ceiling fan is updated in lieu of new light fixture.)

*The above amount includes cost for the room’s paint, which of course is not needed, as ‘Z’ ‘s room has already been painted.

I don’t know about you, but this is a room I wouldn’t mind calling my own, especially being in the path of a hurricane.  I think the room feels calm and serene, like the beach (when there isn’t a hurricane), but still has a little bit of spunk to let you know a tween resides there.

Be sure to also check out ‘Z’ ‘s younger sister’s room here.

If you would like me to create a moodboard for you, just send me a message or reply to this post.  Let me know what type of room, for whom, and a general color and/or theme.  I’ll see what I can do.  Until next time, happy painting AND Craigslisting!

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Until next time…, happy Craigslisting!


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  1. […] Well, earlier today I shared with you my moodboard for a family friend’s daughter, ‘Z’, wherein I created a beachy, bohemian-chic bedroom. […]

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