Moodboard Monday: Woodland Nursery


October 22, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Happy Monday, everyone!  Well, I have baby on the brain.  In the past week, I have been honored to be included in the joyous news that two of my friends are expecting!

I love decorating nurseries!  Since I don’t plan to have any more children of my own, I thought I would throw together a little nursery moodboard.  Of course, I need to abide by my own self-imposed rules: only paint, free items, and items found on my local Craigslist are permitted in the design for the moodboard.  So let’s get started!

One of my friends, whom shall remain anonymous, is a bit of a country girl.  She drives a truck, knows how to handle a gun, loves her country, hunting, fishing, and the like.  So, I started to wonder what her child’s nursery might look like.  In my mind’s eye, I see a woodland landscape during autumn, with little creatures: squirrels, chipmunks, owls and the like.  Here is what I conjured up:

Woodland Nursery

So, let me start by saying that I had a vision and unfortunately, the Gods of Craigslist were not cooperating.  I found a crib, changing table, and dresser in the perfect warm, wood tone that was a great jumping off point.  The problem?  The item was deleted before I could even download the image of the items.  (whomp, whomp)  😦  Oh well.  The good news, things started to turn around when I found this very rug:

Multi-colored faux bois rug: $50

What I love about it, well, what don’t I love about it?  The curvy, autumnal hues just speak to me.  The pattern is very reminiscent of tree rings (or fingerprints – it’s all the beauty of nature).  Obviously, it isn’t a real wood grain, so this pattern is ‘faux bois’ or false wood.  There are just so many neutral and autumnal colors in that rug that the color scheme just jumped out at me.  Since I do not yet know if my friend will be having a boy or girl, I am going to keep this nursery gender neutral.

After the rug, it started to really come together when I found this bedding set:

Neutral, organic-themed crib bedding, $40. (Of course, I would caution against using the fluffy crib bumper until the child is older. No bumper, or a breathable bumper, would be a better choice for a newborn.) SAFETY FIRST!

I love the cozy neutrals paired with the organic theme and the subtle tones of turquoise and orange thrown in.  The possibilities just expanded after seeing this set. The nursery really started to come together after finding these two pieces.  I really started to have a serene, peaceful feeling, as though I were standing among the tree canopy in the forest.

Next, I layered in a grayish, green paint color by Behr named ‘Sage Gray’:

Behr’s ‘Sage Gray’ $35

Dependent upon the light in the room, I also love the deeper hue of Behr’s ‘Wild Sage’.

Picking up on the grayish/green of the paint, I would use this fabric to make curtains.  Not only is the fabric neutral-toned and the shapes reminiscent of leaves, also the patterns of the leaves themselves almost look like the tails of woodland creatures.  I don’t know, I sort of dig the theme working on several levels at once.  Maybe I am the only one that sees the pattern here.  As in nature, there are large and small patterns all buried within one another.

Neutral, leaf-patterned fabric for curtains (and plenty leftover for other projects). $25

I would hang the diy curtains on a tree branch (free) found in the yard to further the woodsy, organic element.  The finished product would look something like this:

DIY curtains to be hung with a simple branch.

Of course, this is a baby’s nursery, so light control is a major issue.  To help darken the room and further the wood pieces in the room, I would layer the window treatment with wooden blinds:

2″ Wooden blinds for light control. $20

Of course, with such a cozy, light-controlled room, the baby needs a place to sleep.  A word of caution here, if you plan to purchase a used crib, please be sure to check the style and model against any/all recall bulletins.  Often times, the quickest and surest thing to do is to call the manufacture directly, provide the crib’s model number and ask for any recall information.  The crib I currently use for my son is six years old, but is in excellent condition.  Prior to having my child, I was sure to call the manufacturer, whom then provided hardware to disable the ‘drop-side’ feature of my crib.  I can’t state enough that safety is first.  However, for the purposes of this moodboard, I found a crib that is more in line with my room’s style and colorings.  If you do plan to buy a used crib – do your homework, but I do recommend that you buy a new, quality mattress for your little one. (off soap box now).  Here is the crib that I think would work best in the room.

Beautiful, gender neutral crib in a warm, wood. $250

I also found these, vintage, solid wood furniture pieces to accommodate all things baby and to house the changing pad:

Tall, stacked dresser. Perfect scale and color for a gender neutral child’s room. (Part of a three-piece set). $275

Small, wood dresser part of the same set. This would be used as a changing table.

And of course we need all of the linens and things associated with baby:

changing pad w/ cover – $12

2 ivory crib sheets and mattress pad cover – $26

second crib bumper and changing pad cover – $15

And Mama and Papa need a place to sit:

Rocking, upholstered chair, $125 (Sorry, already gone!)

or in the alternative,

Neutral, wood glider, $40

Of course, the chair needs a lamp and table:

Tall, reading lamp to place next to the chair/glider. $15

The table, I would take a less traditional, but completely organic approach, with a free tree stump/log.  I have a few in my backyard right now!  Click here to visit the Curbly website for a tutorial of how to prepare a found tree log/stump for your home!

A cute, organic, woodsy side table for free!

And for those bedtime stories, a bookcase is a necessity.  I actually had one just like this when I was a child.  I loved that it was both a bookcase and a toy box.  Mine had chalkboard doors on the toy box portion.  So, I would paint the doors with chalkboard paint and then paint the alphabet at the top and numbers 1-20 at the bottom using whatever light-colored paint you have.

Book case and toy box. This could be left as-is, or spray-painted with an aqua/turquoise (I’ll introduce you to that color further down). Of course, the chalkboard doors are great too! $25

Chalkboard spray-paint – $5.

I’d also add these baskets to help corral the smaller toys and books.

Two large, brown, canvas bins – $5.

Two, shallow, wicker baskets – $20

In the accessories department, I’d add these items:

Lantern lamp, $10 (spray painted in turquoise)

Electric lantern to be hung above the changing table to assist in middle of the night diaper changes. A nightlight of sorts. $15

Cute little owl, $4.

And two diy art projects:

First, a moose head to hang on the wall made entirely out of cardboard from moving boxes found for free and a little turquoise spray paint. Give the pop of color that the neutral nursery needs.

An entire free, online tutorial for making a cardboard moose head is available here.

Painter’s Touch aqua/turquoise spray paint – $4.

And, a little tree art made with the same cardboard boxes and covered with the reverse side of the leftover curtain fabric.  The tree and leaves would be made using scraps of fabric from  fabric sample books offered at just $1 each!

DIY Potter Barn knockoff, five piece canvas tree art using leftover cardboard, curtain fabric (reversed), and fabric sample books (click image for fabric book link – $5)

Lastly, I would add this vintage, tree stump clock.  Corny, I know, but oh so woodsy.

Lacquered, tree stump clock – $20 (It sort of has the shape of the continental USA, wouldn’t you say?)

Woodland Nursery Budge Breakdown:

  • Multi-colored faux bois rug – $50
  • Crib bedding – $40
  • Wall paint – $35
  • Chalkboard spray-paint – $5
  • Aqua/turquoise spray-paint – $5
  • 13 yards of fabric for drapes and other projects – $25
  • Wood blinds – $20
  • Wooden crib – $250
  • Wooden, four piece furniture set – $275
  • Changing pad, cover, and sheets – $53
  • Glider – $40
  • Reading lamp – $15
  • Bookcase/toy box – $25
  • Storage bins – $25
  • Table lamps – $25
  • Owl figurine – $4
  • Wood stump clock – $20

Woodland Nursery $912.00  (Now, the original crib, changing table, and dresser that I found, but lost before I had a chance, was a total of $250!  This room could have been accomplished for $637.00, had I been able to incorporate my initial choice.  Just another example of needing to act fast with Craigslist.)

Well, there you have it.  I am just so excited for my friends that I can’t contain myself. I like the mix of textures, materials, and of course, patterns – like a well-worn, country quilt.  I just had to explore the nursery options for at least one of my friends.  🙂  Maybe my other friend will be next? (wink, wink).  So, until next time…, happy Craigslisting!


7 thoughts on “Moodboard Monday: Woodland Nursery

  1. Jess says:

    Must be baby making time!!! I’ve recently heard of a few friends expecting as well. April will be an exciting month! While I am not expecting, I love the moose head idea.

  2. Suzz says:

    Eager to see the final result … please keep us posted.
    I love the themed idea and so many wonderful ideas – for free and on Craigslist.

    SUPER glad you covered bases re: pre-owned cribs.

  3. Decorum DIY says:

    Thanks, Suzz. I almost did my ‘soap box’ non-cordless blinds routine as well, but my husband told me that people already know that. (Let’s hope.) Sadly, this is just a little nursery idea in my brain, no one has commissioned me, nor intends to use this concept – at least, not to my knowledge. I’d love to see this brought to fruition. Thanks for being one of my biggest cheerleaders. 🙂

  4. Suzz says:

    My pleasure. Still catching up 🙂

  5. Wendy says:

    Hi. Thank you for sharing all these images. I absolutely love the tree stump clock you have pictured here. Can you tell me where you bought it from please and do you have their contact details? I am living in the UK but am happy to pay to get it shipped because I love it so much!

    • My apologies, Wendy, but I don’t actually own the clock. My moodboards are primarily based upon Craigslist listings in the Baltimore, MD (USA) area. That said, I am sure you could make one yourself with a slice of a stump, a clock kit, and some shellac. Good luck to you regarding your hunt. I wish I could be of more assistance.

      • Wendy says:

        Thank you so much
        for coming back to me. I am going to see if I can get someone to create one for me!

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