Moodboard Monday: A Look-y Loo


October 15, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Since starting my little weekly feature, Moodboard Monday, three weeks ago, I have tackled a nautical boy’s room and my mother’s laundry/utility room.  The catch is that the moodboard can only be completed with freebies, paint, and any items found on my local Craigslist.

You can imagine my excitement when my dear, style-savvy sister-in-law, Erin, also a rock star blogger (, requested that I give her guest bathroom a makeover with my Moodboard Monday feature.  You see, Erin recently re-imagined her townhouse’s main living area and gave it a boost of color and style.

Erin’s updated living room. Click the image above to see the related post on Erin’s blog. Please, consider following Erin’s blog while you are there!

The dominant colors used in Erin’s living room are green, navy blue, and teal blue.  Her home, and especially her living room, is welcoming and fresh.  Not the case with her guest bath, which is just off the entry and adjacent to Erin’s beautiful living room.  Besides a little freshening up over the years, the guest bath hasn’t really been updated like the rest of Erin’s home.  Here are a few images of the bathroom as it is today.

The entrance to the small, outdated guest bath.

The remainder of the guest bath. As you can see, this is a neat and tidy half bath, but not as stylish as the rest of Erin’s home, especially the adjacent living room.

Another view of the guest bath in all of its oak wood glory.

Taking my cues from the Erin I know, Erin’s living room makeover, and her well-appointed pins on Pinterest, this is what I came up with:

Erin’s guest bath moodboard via Olioboard.

As you can see, I repeated a lot of the same colors, but used them in different intensities and patterns.  Erin has a great appreciation for mid-century modern furniture and aesthetic.  Although the guest bathroom is tiny, I decided to go over-the-top with both color and style in a glamorous 60’s way.  I figured that the guest half bath off of the foyer was the place to have a little fun with pattern and style.  Allow me to walk you through the moodboard.

Taking back the layers, I used a soft, light gray, Behr’s ‘Light French Gray’.  I would suggest painting the entire guest bath, ceiling included, in this shade.

Behr’s ‘Light French Gray’

I would also suggest this stencil pattern, to be used on one wall of the guest half bath to provide interest and style.  It definitely has a ‘wow’ factor.  Also the curviness of the pattern would breakup the many hard angles of the rectangular room and the corners of vanity, door, shelving, etc….  I think that between Erin and I, we could diy this stencil pattern with just a printer, card stock, and a steady hand.  No need to buy the stencil.  Also, if this pattern is too busy, it could be simplified, or even replaced with a looser pattern that could be found online as a free printable.

The intricate, two-colored stencil pattern for the wall opposite the entrance.

Behr’s ‘Stone Fence’ to be used as the darker shade in the stencil. Only a quart of paint would be needed.

The next element would be to either paint or replace the current vanity.  Either way, I would suggest painting the vanity a fun, funky peacock blue like Behr’s ‘Peacock Tail’.

Behr’s ‘Peacock Tail’ blue to add a pop of color in a big way. This color was inspired by Erin’s living room wall art.

Here is an example of a dresser that has been painted in a bright blue to give you an idea:

A dresser for sale on Craigslist that is also painted in a bright blue. This gives you an idea of what the vanity would look like.

Erin’s current vanity is in great condition, it just needs an update, so painting it is the perfect solution.  Erin had requested a mid-century modern dresser (MCM) to be converted into a sink, but honestly most mcm dressers out there in the size Erin would need for this half bath are difficult to find.  I did see quite a few on Craigslist, but they were quite costly and/or difficult to convert to a sink with ease and limited budget.  Converting a dresser into a sink isn’t impossible, but several factors need to be considered.  For Erin’s purposes, I thought it best to simply paint, as her vanity is fully functional as is. (Sorry Erin, I tried.  I just couldn’t see spending a lot on beautiful furniture only to destroy it.  We might have better luck at the Goodwill or a yard sale, in terms of price.)

To further update Erin’s vanity, we could add these inexpensive items: bathroom accessories and new lighting.

The brass fixtures would update the bathroom in terms of style. The sconce lighting would replace the current four-bulb bar. However, I would hang the sconces upside-down, so that they point down towards the vanity for more light and to give the space a more modern feel.

I would also paint the brass fixtures (including Erin’s current faucet) in Rustoleum’s ‘Aged Copper’ metallic spray paint.  It isn’t the shiny brass, but still has a warm golden hue.  Most of Erin’s hardware in her home is oil rubbed bronze (orb), but I think a slight variation in this guest bath could be fun.  It could also be used to update the vanity’s drawer pulls.

Rustoleum’s ‘Aged Copper’

The mirror above the vanity is a plain, rectangular mirror.  We could have added a chunky wood frame, but wanted to mix up the shapes in the room.  Erin requested a round mirror, so this is what I think would look great in the space.  It is a round mirror, but has some dimension to it.  It is also a nice metallic shade somewhere between the orb and the aged copper.  I think it would help blend the different metallic finishes beautifully.

A round, metallic mirror in an aged finish. Perfect!

For additional color and comfort, I think this simple Ikea rug is the ticket.

The rug, although too large as is, could be simply cut to create two smaller throw rugs for use in the guest bath. I wouldn’t be surprised if my sister-in-law was keen on painting the rugs with the same stencil as the wall for added interest.

And of course, we need some art work!  These two prints caught my eye both for their color schemes and retro, mid-century feel.

Normally, this is where I advise you to click the image to be directed to the Craigslist ad. Sorry, but this piece was gone within the hour. Bummer!

Same story here. 😦

A couple of wooden, floating shelves to mount above the toilet:

These wooden shelves could be left as is, or painted out in the ‘Light French Gray’, ‘Stone Fence’, or ‘Peacock Tail’, dependent upon Erin’s taste. (Click photo for link.)

A trio of navy, canvas storage bins to hide the necessities.

And of course, we need some accessories:

Two, white porcelain quails.  (Pssst, I adore the green, foliage wallpaper in the background of this photo.) [Click image for Craigslist ad.]

A ceramic peacock. [Click image for Craigslist ad.]

A brass crane (or maybe it is a heron? egret? who knows?). [Click image for Craigslist ad.]

The above could be arranged on the shelves interspersed with the navy, canvas storage bins.

For the vanity countertop, I’d love to see a trio of these glass bowls with succulents.  Although the guest bath doesn’t have a window, I think the bathroom may receive a fair amount of natural sunlight, as it is near the home’s entrance.  If not, the plants could always be replaced with artificial plants or air ferns (remember those?).

Glass bowls to be filled with succulents or some other plant, whether real or artificial.


And that is how I would jazz up Erin’s ho-hum half bath into a guest loo worth a look, or two.

Here is the budget breakdown:

  • One gallon of Behr’s ‘Light French Gray’: $35
  • One quart of Behr’s ‘Stone Fence’: $15
  • One quart of Behr’s ‘Peacock Tail’: $15
  • Rustoleum ‘Aged Copper’ spray paint: $9
  • Bathroom fixtures and two sconces: $26
  • Round mirror: $65
  • Rug: $20
  • Two pieces of artwork: $40 (@$20 each)
  • Shelves: $14
  • Navy, canvas storage bins: $15
  • Figurines (quails, peacock, and crane): $55
  • Clear, glass bowls for plants: $9 (@ $3 each)
  • Succulents:  $10 (guesstimate)


*Special note.  As is with Craigslist, all of the above items may or may not be available and the amount paid could vary, as the prices represent ‘asking’ prices.  Also, many of the items shown, for example the accessories, could probably be purchased for much less via a yard sale or Goodwill location.  The point is to be resourceful and use your imagination.  Be bold and deliberate with your choices and things will work out.

I hope you have enjoyed this recent exploration of another moodboard on Moodboard Monday.  Who’s next?   I’m ready for another challenge!  Until next time…, happy Craigslisting.

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