“I’m Going to Need a Stool Sample…”


October 12, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Firstly, I know, eeewwww! So sorry, I couldn’t help but use that title for this post. Once my mind was stuck on ‘stool sample’, no other post title would do. That said, I promise to be less immature in future (You can’t see my fingers crossed behind my back right now, can you?). Grossness aside, places to park your posterior are hot right now! Wait, could that have been the title -“Posterior Parking”? Anyway, today I am sharing with you a series of stools from both retailers and bloggers that are sustaining the trend. I will also, of course, give you a little tour of the same on Craigslist. So, first up is a series of stools found at popular retailers. Click on any of the below images to be linked to the websites and blogs.

West Elm: $179

PB: $99 (on sale)

PB Teen: $199

I don’t know about you, but I think they are nice, but quite pricey!  You know me, I am frugal, I have to be.  Even if one does have the extra dough to throw away at stools, why would you?  Here are a few bloggers that scoured the internet, their local thrift stores, or Craigslist to find the same style on the cheap.

YHL: Great blog, if you haven’t read it. They make me insanely jealous with their diy skills, time, and resources. If only…..

School Outfitters: Industrial Stool with Back – $38-$52, dependent upon height

H*T: Another great blog. This woman is superwoman. I don’t know how she does it. That said, I love this stool she snagged locally for $10.

Stool from Industry West, Sampson Stool for $135. A great retailer for industrial pieces.  A bit pricey, but great selection.

Making It Lovely: Again, a wonderful blog. She has a great sense of vintage/retro style with a bit o’nerd snuck in – my kind of girl. See how she incorporated the above stool in this laundry room mood board? Great!

There are some really great stools out there.  I love the versatility of the adjustable height stools.  You could use them anywhere, kitchen island, bar, dining table, desk, extra seating…, the possibilities are endless.  The most functional, and popular for that matter, seem to be the vintage, industrial stools with backs.  I’ve seen many on Craigslist in the last year, but they go fast – when they are modestly priced.  Collectors and retailers are catching on to the trend and are starting to raise their prices, but you can still get in on the trend.  Also, the other styles/designs of stools are just as functional and may even be better suited for your own home decor.  Click on any of the below images to be linked to the Craigslist ad.

Here are just a few examples of stools that I was able to find doing a quick search on my local Craigslist:

Rustic wood and metal stool. It looks rough, but I sort of like that ‘used’ appeal. For $25, not too shabby.

I adore the color and decal of this stool. I think cleaned up a bit it would be perfect for a child’s room for a great pop of color and vintage whimsy. Of course, at $25 dollars, you could also paint it any color of your choice. Personally, I love it as is.

This is definitely NOT industrial looking, but still, sweet. I think at $78 (that’s an odd price) it is starting to get out of my price range to splurge on a trend, but if this is your style, it may be a good investment. I would consider recovering the stool’s seat in a more graphic pattern.

This stool is too cute! Perfect for a little one to saddle-up to the dining table or as additional seating. At $5.00 how could you not?  (Psst, I already sent an e-mail on my own behalf. 🙂 )

These are okay as-is, but for $30, I definitely think they would be great spray painted in a distressed metallic finish (not shiny, nor glossy) with a different pattern/color on the seat cushions. For less than $20 in materials, you could have two new, stylish stools!

I like everything about this stool: $8, check; cute, farm fabric, check; a great addition to any child’s room, double-check!

And now for some industrial stools, like those that are currently hitting the trend.  Be forewarned:  these are getting pricey!

$75 each

$175! Cute, but really? I’ve already shown you where to get these brand new for much cheaper!

This one is $200, but it really is an antique and quite amazing. If you are into this style and era, it is a nice price. If you’re looking just to add seating or get in on the stool trend, not so much.

Another pricey one at $230, but again it is an antique, so it does have some cache’. (Or is that ‘cash, eh?’.  I am such a dork!

$300! Really? Well, it is an original, vintage chair, not a reproduction. Clearly this person knows what is trending in stools right now.

My father has this exact stool, as seen above, in his garage.  I’ve mentioned to him how stylish these types of stools currently are.  He offered it to me, but I declined.  I’d much rather my father enjoy ‘his’ stool whilst tinkering  in his garage .  I think my father’s stool (his seat, is that better?)  has more value to me as just that, a stool in his garage.  I don’t care what it could be sold for, I like that it was my father’s and one day may be mine.

Well folks, there you have it – a review of stools (this just isn’t getting any better is it?).  Hopefully you haven’t spat out your beverage every time you read the word ‘stool’.  But, if you are like me, you’ve giggled a little inside.  Until next time…, happy Craigslisting!

2 thoughts on ““I’m Going to Need a Stool Sample…”

  1. We read the same blogs. I’m not surprised, are you? I’m not sure that I like all the industrial stools that seem to be popular these days though. I do like the H*T desk stool (not really her island stools), and the new ones (not the ones you posted) from YHL.

  2. Decorum DIY says:

    Erin, yes, yes, yes, and yes. I agree.

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