Claire’s Toddler Room (Part 1): “It was a One-Hued, One-Shade, Giant Purple Painting Project…”


October 10, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Can you tell that Halloween is just around the corner?  Well, of course, I felt the dorky urge to parody the “Purple People Eater” song for my post title.  (Admit it, you just looked at the title and sang it to yourself, didn’t you?)

Today I am showing you the beginning process of my daughter’s toddler room.  You see, until recently, our daughter resided in our homes’ nursery.  Since the arrival of our youngest, Ascher, Claire has since been moved into a new room.  The problem is that Claire’s new room was previously our laundry room.  I showed you our laundry room’s mini makeover in a previous post.

Not surprisingly, the first issue was to move the massive washer and dryer units out of Claire’s new nest and into our unfinished basement.  However, I really couldn’t wait.  Once I get my mind fixated on a makeover, there  is no holding me back.  So, I decided to start painting before the washer and dryer were removed.  I knew I didn’t want pink for my little girl, so that was out.  I also knew I wanted to incorporate my first child’s nursery bedding into the mix.

The bedding and fabrics used by my first child in his nursery that I wanted to incorporate into my daughter’s toddler room: Nursery Rhyme Toile, Sage Stripe, and Central Park Toile in sage.

As you can see, the main colors in the fabric are blue, pink, and sage green, with a background of ivory.  I decided that a soft lavender would be the perfect complement to the bedding and fabrics, as it matches well with the sage green.  I wanted a light purple that wasn’t too bright, but also not too dark – it is a little girl’s room.  This is the color I chose:

Behr’s ‘Silverberry’

Behr’s ‘Silverberry’ is just a lovely color.  I purchased the ‘paint plus primer’ version of Behr in a satin finish.  It would be my first time painting any room with this newer ‘paint plus primer’ product.  Even though the primer was part of the paint’s formula, I did have a lot of prep work to do.  The room had not been painted in several years, possibly decades, so my husband prepped the walls by patching any holes or defects that would prevent us from having a smooth surface.


More patching…

And more patching…, (I wasn’t joking about not waiting for the washer and dryer to make their exit.)

Once the repair plaster had dried and was sanded smooth by hand with a fine grit sandpaper, I brushed on a coat of primer (Zinsser’s stain blocker), to seal the repairs.  Because some of the repairs were a bit larger and our home’s 1960’s drywall has a dimple or ‘orange peel’ texture, I needed to duplicate the texture to thoroughly conceal the wall repairs.  I used a spray-on wall texture product purchased at Home Depot (see image below).  Warning:  You must have a well-ventilated room when applying this product, as it is very toxic.  It smells worse than spray paint.  Being seven months pregnant, I probably should have let my husband do this part, but then again, I was too impatient to wait.

Homax’s ‘orange peel’ wall texture spray. The degree of ‘orange peel’ is dependent upon the quantity of product you layer on the wall.

Since my walls are only slightly ‘orange peel’-y, I applied the spray with a very light coating and then knocked it down a bit with a damp sea sponge to duplicate the wall’s original texture.  It only took a few pounces of the sea sponge to arrive at the desired texture.  Once the texture spray dried, I again sealed with the Zinsser primer.  I also applied my primer to the closet’s exterior walls, as they were a deep, dark, chocolate brown (Behr’s ‘Bitter Chocolate’). Since I hadn’t used Behr’s version of ‘paint plus primer’ prior to this project, I wanted to be sure that the dark blue, and especially the dark brown, were thoroughly covered with the lighter ‘Silverberry’ purple shade.  Here is the first swath of paint:

Oh my! As soon as I started to paint, I knew I had the perfect color. Furthermore, I could see that the ‘paint plus primer’ was actually living up to its name. This photo shows only one pass of the paint on the wall.

The coverage was amazing.  That said, I was about to be dazzled even more.  Here is a patched, primed, textured, and primed spot BEFORE the paint:

The repaired spot that was also texturized.

The ‘spot’ with one coat of paint. Isn’t that amazing?

The same ‘spot’ and the spots on the horizon. I took this picture farther back, just so you can see how well the ‘paint plus primer’ is covering in one coat.

It was truly amazing.  After I painted over several of the repaired and re-texturized spots, not even I could locate the wall’s previous ‘boo-boo’s’.  This was the day that I was sold on the ‘paint plus primer’ by Behr.  I continued my way around the room.  I started around 8:00 p.m. and finished around 2:00 a.m..

The room at 2:00 a.m. after only ONE coat of paint!

The exterior walls of the closet. Again, I used the primer before using the Silverberry paint plus primer. Looking back, I probably could have skipped the stand-alone primer. I guess that was the point. But, better safe than sorry.

The original corner that I started painting with Behr’s ‘Silverberry’. Isn’t it pretty?

I was, and continue to be, quite pleased with both the shade and coverage of the paint.  This is a huge statement for me to make, as I am a bit obsessive/compulsive when it comes to paint coverage.  I typically give a room two to three coats of paint.  After only one coat of paint, I went to bed pleased, but expecting I would find reason to paint a second coat of paint the next day.  Not so!  The next day, the color was beautiful and I could not find a single spot where the coverage was thin or had streaks, brush strokes, etc…  I really was pleased and so was my husband.  He saw the room in the morning before he left for work and commented on the color and coverage without my provocation.

I hope that you find your painting projects this satisfying.  That said, preparation was definitely the key.  If I (and my husband) hadn’t properly repaired, texturized, and sealed the walls’ repairs prior to painting, I don’t think that even the ‘paint plus primer’ would have been able to cover up any lack of prep work.  As with anything, doing any job is worth doing well.  Until the next installment of Claire’s toddler room, happy painting, and patching, and sealing, and texturizing, and sealing…!

3 thoughts on “Claire’s Toddler Room (Part 1): “It was a One-Hued, One-Shade, Giant Purple Painting Project…”

  1. Suzz says:

    Very nice – I am a big fan of purple and green, in all shades.

    Just to confirm … this a new post from an old project … you’re not 7 mos pregnant now, are you?

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