Feeling Moody: A Nod To Nautical


October 2, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Well, I don’t know about where you live, but today is pretty dreary here in Maryland.  The forecast is calling for rain, rain, rain….

But enough about that.  Today is the day I reveal to you what I hope will become a regular feature here at Decorum DIYer.  I am new to blogging and even newer to creating moodboards via Olioboard, however; I am not a stranger to Craigslist.  Therefore, I will be featuring room concepts using nothing more than a gallon or two of paint and items found in my local area from Craigslist.  Think I can’t pull a room together with just paint and Craigslist?  Just watch me!  Of course, I’ll break down the budget and provide links, just in case you like what you see.  That said, if you do click a link, be sure to hit your ‘back‘ button in your browser to return to this post.  Ready? Here we go!

It is no secret that I adore most anything nautical.  Living in Maryland, I appreciate living on the water’s edge.  The bay and it’s tributaries are the life blood of our region.  I thought it only appropriate to kick off this series with a nautical themed boy’s bedroom.  Here is the bedroom I have put together:

A Nod to Nautical Boy’s Bedroom: This room is comprised of a gallon of paint, a can of spray paint, and items only on Craigslist.
(Click image above to view Olioboard.)

Allow me to break it down:

Room is painted in Behr’s ‘Velvet Evening’.   One gallon of the Behr premium paint is around $35, dependent upon your location and current promotion of Behr/Home Depot.

Behr’s ‘Velvet Evening’

  • The back wall is covered in planks recovered from pallets.  You can recycle and decorate at the same time.  Best of all, pallets are in abundance and are usually offered for FREE!  Click herefor one such ad.

    FREE pallets! Great covering for an accent wall. Reminds me of driftwood. One could even dry-brush any color of paint to increase the weathered finish.

  • Bed is black with storage in both the headboard and under the bed.  The seller is asking $300.  Click here  to view the Craigslist ad.

    Black, full-sized, storage bed.

  • The white ship’s wheel mirror is $25.  It could be left as is, or painted any color of your imagination.  Click here to view the Craigslist ad.

    White ship’s wheel mirror.

  • The duo of nautical themed dressers and second ship’s wheel mirror are $150.  What?  You can have more than one ship’s mirror in a room!  These could be painted in any color you choose as well, but I sort of like the wood tone that they have.  Click here to view the Craigslist ad.

    Two nautical themed dressers and another ship’s wheel mirror.

The nautical, brass accessories are lovely.  I probably wouldn’t use all of them in the room, but definitely the ships and shells.  The other items could be strewn throughout your home.  Again, these could be spray-painted, but I like the antiqued brass.  I think spraying them would diminish them as treasures.  Seller is asking various prices, but I would be interested in the sailboats ($45 for both) and nautilus ($20), So, $65 total.  Click here to view the Craigslist ad.

Various brass accessories. Although, for purposes of this room, only the sailboats and nautilus would be used.

  • Nautical themed boys’ bedding and additional decor items are $65.  One could find many different colors and styles that would help create a nautical flair.  Click here to view the Craigslist ad.

Nautical themed boys’ bedding and maritime flag decor.

  • Overhead light and matching four wall sconces.  These sconces have independent switches and two would be perfect to mount above the bed to serve as reading lights.  The other two sconces could be used in other areas in the room, such as flanking the closet or within the closet (if it is a walk-in), or even above a work table area or desk as task lighting.  The seller is asking $40 for all.  Click here to see the Craigslist ad.  The shiny, silver color is not quite right for this room, so I would suggest spray-painting the metallic finish with Rustoleum’s hammered bronze spray-paint.  A primer may be necessary for the task/reading sconces, as the finish would rub off over time due to use.

Overhead light fixture and four matching sconces to be spray-painted a hammered bronze.

Rustoleum’s hammered bronze finish. Perfect for a weathered, vintage nautical look!

Ship’s wheel lamp bases are a great addition to this room.  It repeats the circular shape in a sea of hard furniture edges, and reinforces both the nautical and ‘ship’s wheel’ references.  These are great as is, but could certainly be painted in white or other bright color to bring a little more life to the room.  The seller is asking $75 for the pair.  Click here to view the Craigslist ad.

Wooden, ship’s wheel lamp bases.

I think a necessary element would be a map, specifically a nautical map, better yet, a nautical map of the Chesapeake Bay for my purposes.  I adore this map and would hang it anywhere in my home.  The seller is asking $75 for the framed map.  Click here to view the Craigslist ad.

Framed, nautical, Chesapeake Bay map.

  • Lastly, a pair of curtains and sheers to cover the window.  You could certainly use any color of drape that you wanted, but these were readily available, a long length, and included white sheers with stars (makes me think of nautical navigation before GPS) all for $40.  One could even use the maritime flag banner from the bedding set mentioned above as a valance or as curtain tiebacks.  Or, one could use red, yellow, or white grosgrain ribbon as a border to the plain curtains.  Click here to view the Craigslist ad.

    Blue denim curtains and white sheers with blue stars from PBK.

    There you have it, a boy’s nautical themed bedroom using only paint, spray paint, and items found locally on Craigslist.  The total would be $813.00.  Of course, this is assuming that all of the items would still be available to you and that you hadn’t asked the sellers for a discounted price.  As is the culture of Craigslist, the availability of items and their prices are dependent upon many factors.  This bedroom could be accomplished for less just by asking, patiently stalking items, or acquiring similar items via Craigslist over time.

    If you would like me to create a moodboard for you, just send me a message or reply to this post.  Let me know what type of room, for whom, and a general color and/or theme.  I’ll see what I can do.  Until next time, happy painting AND Craigslisting!

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6 thoughts on “Feeling Moody: A Nod To Nautical

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  2. […] starting my little weekly feature, Moodboard Monday, three weeks ago, I have tackled a nautical boy’s room and my mother’s laundry/utility room.  The catch is that the moodboard can only be completed […]

  3. Didn’t see this post until today! (It was before we met, I suppose.) I’m still blown away by your Moodboard Monday posts. And since I married a sailor, we have a lot of nautical decor in our home…as well as on our dock! Love those framed maps.

  4. […] A Nod to Nautical:  Christine does a series called “Moodboard Mondays” where she shares her vision for decorating a room using paint, items she finds for free, and Craigslist only.  I know she pours so much thought, effort, and time into these posts.  They’re masterpieces!  I seriously think she should have her own show on HGTV where she re-designs people’s rooms using moodboards.  The “nautical” post was her first Moodboard post. […]

  5. ngnrdgrl says:

    What a wonderful room! I can already picture it all assembled. You are quite talented!

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