Townhouse Time Travel (Part II)


September 27, 2012 by Decorum DIYer

Well, I hoped you enjoyed the first half of my time travel back to my first house and the colors I used there to make it my home.  If not, you can see it here.  Moving on to the rest of my previous home, we shall finish with the remainder of the bedrooms and upstairs hallway and then onto the half bath and finished basement.  And again, don’t really have any ‘before’ photos, sorry about that.

Staring with the second bedroom, which was a nursery when we purchased the home.  It was painted a deep blue and was overrun with little stenciled fish.  Being that Chris and I were newlyweds, we decided to use this space as our home office.  We kept the same general theme, but moved in a more sophisticated, nautical direction.  A big part of the transformation was due to Ralph Lauren’s ‘Mediterranean’ blue paint color. I think it may be discontinued from the color palette, but you can still get your hands on it via  So, here is the second bedroom that we used as our home office:

Ralph Lauren’s ‘Mediterranean’ (discontinued color)

Our previous home’s home office painted with Ralph Lauren’s ‘Mediterranean’. (Psst, would you believe that the striped valance is actually three reversible (shells on the other side in the same colors as the stripes) place mats that I scored for $.50 each at Big Lots? Okay, maybe you would.)

Next up is our third bedroom that eventually became our nursery.  It started out builder beige, as I think it was the previous home owner’s office.  We first used the room as a guest room (i.e. Where our too drunk to drive clubbing friends passed out. Hey, I am not proud of that, but it was certainly part of our ‘living in our twenties with well-paying jobs and no kids phase’.)  I painted the room in a sable brown with a suede finish.  Of course I have a photo – NOT!  So, when we realized that we were expecting our first child, I was drawn to this baby bedding fabric and the room took off from there (this was pre-ETSY):

Carousel Design’s ‘Sage Nursery Rhyme Toile’ that was the inspiration for the nursery in our first home. (click the image above for link to Carousel Design’s website)

I chose two colors for a two-toned effect, as I begged Chris to install chair rail molding.  I used two shades of a sage-y green. I pulled the main color, Behr’s ‘Scotland Road’, from the fabric above and then used the next darkest shade on the color chip card, Behr’s ‘Amazon Moss’ for the lower third of the room.  I have fond memories of painting this room pregnant and watching the winter Olympics whilst painting.  I remember it was February and I painted with the windows open, as not to inhale too many paint fumes.  Again, this was a time before the availability of no VOC paints.

Behr’s ‘Scotland Road’

Behr’s ‘Amazon Moss’

Our previous home’s nursery painted in Behr’s ‘Scotland Road’ and ‘Amazon Moss’ using a chair rail to divide the color. Ceiling is painted in the lighter shade ‘Scotland Road’, but it appears darker like the Amazon Moss, as it is on the ceiling.

Another view/furniture arrangement of Roman’s room.

A close up of the division of paint colors with chair rail. (Recognize that lamp?)

Now onto our upstairs’ hallway.  I decided on a two-toned paint combination again.  I painted the majority of the upper hallway in a darker tone and chose a lighter shade of the same paint color for the half wall. It wasn’t very noticeable to others, but I enjoyed the subtle effect.  Clinging to my initial love of the Ralph Lauren palette, I used ‘Lincolnshire Olive’ (the half wall) and ‘Regiment Khaki’ (main walls).

Behr’s ‘Lincolnshire Olive’ (half wall) and ‘Regiment Khaki’.

The upstairs’ hallway in Ralph Lauren’s ‘Lincolnshire Olive’ and ‘Regiment Khaki’. My cat, Sascha, loved it there.

Off of our entry, we had a half bath.  Again, I originally painted it a dark, tan color and had a bit of a safari theme going on.  You know the drill by now, of course I don’t have a photo.  In prepping our house for sale, I repainted the bathroom a soft, sage-y green from Behr named ‘Spring Hill’.  Here is our half bath:

Behr’s ‘Spring Hill’

Our previous home’s half bath off of the entry in Behr’s ‘Spring Hill’.

It was a tiny little half bath, wasn’t it?

Rounding out part two and concluding my previous home’s tour is our beloved and missed FINISHED basement.  It started out builder beige with a forest green carpet.  I tried to work with the forest green carpet, but in the end knew that we would be replacing the carpet eventually, so I decided to ignore the green and forge ahead with paint colors that I really wanted.  It started out with a major faux pas.  I chose a trio of colors:  blue, orange, and yellow.  Now, I love blue and orange together, but I threw the yellow in there just to shake up my little world.  After Chris painted the basement’s stairwell yellow/gold, I hated it and we decided on a nice neutral gray.  Here are the colors by Behr that we used: ‘Jazz’, ‘Acorn Spice’, and ‘Creek Bend’.  It had a bit of a ‘Starbuckian’ feel, but we really digged it.  It was a great place to hang with friends:

Behr’s ‘Jazz’ blue. It had a darker, navy hue when used in our basement. This sample photo is a bit bright – not representative of how it read in our home. We thought this was a swanky color to use in the bar area.

Behr’s ‘Acorn Spice’. Did I mention I LOVE blue and orange together?

Behr’s ‘Creek Bend’ as used in the lower level’s stairway.

The previous house’s finished basement painted with a trio of Behr colors: ‘Jazz’, ‘Acorn Spice’, and ‘Creek Bend’.

The bar area in the basement. Chris lovingly built that bar himself in his father’s workshop. It was beautiful. We sold it with our townhouse, as it was built-in and quite heavy to move. I hope the current owners are still treasuring it.

Well folks, there you have it.  That concludes our house tour of our first home, complete with paint colors.  I hope you have enjoyed this tour and continue to share your own paint projects with me.  Until then…, HAPPY PAINTING!


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